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Biblical warnings about Manipulative Extraterrestrials?

Biblical warnings about Manipulative Extraterrestrials …have been censored by Christian religious cultist elites The Bible itself in pre-translated forms, as presented by Biblical scholars, actually contains specific warnings against these apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials, who have apparently sought to control, exploit … Continue reading

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The One Skill Most Leaders Lack

  A study reported in the Harvard Business Review shows that one of the skills most serial entrepreneurs lack is empathy. Empathy is a powerful antenna for understanding the experiences of those around us. It helps good leaders become great leaders and … Continue reading

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The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Fruits and Vegetables

  12 Foods to Buy Organic As Americans up their intake of fruits and veggies — especially in light of the latest government food guidelines and new MyPlate icon — they may also be loading up on pesticides. According to the latest … Continue reading

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Heavy use of herbicide Roundup linked to health dangers: study

By Carey Gillam Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:50pm EDT (Reuters) – Heavy use of the world’s most popular herbicide, Roundup, could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases, including Parkinson’s, infertility and cancers, according to a new … Continue reading

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The Many Environmental and Health Benefits of Hemp

by: Sheryl Walters (NaturalNews) It seems as though hemp is not only an answer to our global health problems, both for people who don’t have enough to eat and for people in the western world who are malnourished from eating … Continue reading

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Make your own vegetable stock

  Creating your own veggie broth is great way to use up leftover ends and skins of hearty vegetables, while adding flavor to future soups. Ingredients: Skins and tops of carrots, celery, beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. 1 cup … Continue reading

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Marine Life and Coastal Economies Threatened by Seismic Airgun Use in Atlantic Ocean

Oceana released a new report today showing that marine life and coastal economies along the Atlantic Ocean are threatened byseismic airguns used in testing for offshore oil and gas. The United States government itself estimates that the use of seismic airguns along the East … Continue reading

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