The power of nature. Some swear by it.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

― Benjamin Franklin

A controversial approach, endorsed by some afflicted indivuduals,  who benefited from the use of this concoction.  Here is a LINK  and the claim from the same site of what the mixture allege to accomplish.

“A Humble request: We have found that there are many facebook pages making other picture / plate for this remedy and sharing it with thousand other people without  responsible authentication,   so kindly,  before making such a  solution, to  please include a “Correction”,  as well as “Important Note”, because it is a question of someone else’s life and the mixture’s preventive & supportive properties.”

Correction :Take one table spoon of the mentioned juice before breakfast to help clear and prevent blockage from all blood vessels (Arteries and veins). Its specially very helpful for coronary arterial blockage which is the main cause for angioplasty.

Important Note: Kindly consult your doctor before starting and don’t stop main course of your medicines/treatment because some ingredients are warm by nature and each & every person have their own kinds of health problems. During acute heart/cardiac attack kindly rush to the nearby hospital as soon as possible. Green Yatra will not  be responsible for any problems on this regard.

For more information/ testimony/ methods about this remedy kindly read earlier/ older comments on this post.

How to make garlic juice, kindly follow this link:

Take one cup as a measurement and always use it for the purpose.
One Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
One Cup Lemon Juice
One Cup Garlic Juice. (Make juice in a machine that used for carrot juice, do not mix water)
One Cup Ginger Juice. (Make juice in a machine that used for carrot juice, do not mix water)
Now you have four cups of ingredients. Put all in a pan and simmer all ingredients down to about three cups. During boiling process the color of concoction may change, but not to worry. Now let the concoction cool till normal room temperature. Now add three cup pure honey ( Garlic Juice is very warm by nature so to balance it) and stir well and keep in an air tight bottle.

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