Mental Poisoning


Mental poisoning is having unresourceful negative thoughts constantly in your mind. Anger, hatred, envy, ill wishes, and the like are thoughts that are destructive and do have an effect on the physiology of the person with those thoughts. It has been scientifically proven that the blood can be poisoned with a thought of anger for example, and many of our deceases begin this way. So it’s logical to say that guarding our thoughts can actually make us healthier. One method of doing this is to change our physiology by standing in a different way while angry because the mind responds to the body so if the physiology is not consistent with the physiology of anger the minds response will change. Another technique is pattern interruption which consists of interrupting the anger pattern with a different mentality pattern, for instance while angry at someone you can imagine that person with a clown’s face and maybe you can add a big round stomach that would make him look funny. If the imagery is clear your whole mentality will change and the anger will cease.
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