The Afterlife Revealed… Step By Step

An interesting Topic started on 17-8-2013 by sled735 at ATS forum.

The Afterlife Revealed… Step By Step

Disclaimer: I am not soliciting the sale of the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. I only wish to get other member’s opinion on the accounts of the afterlife as described in the book, to be discussed here.

Let us begin…
After many years of reading and researching the different beliefs concerning the afterlife, I had somewhat of a vision come to me…
I saw a tree with many branches. Then a “voice” told me that we all start from the same place, which would be the root, and travel along the different paths (branches) to reach the same goal, the Source/God/Whatever you choose to call it.
No one path is the right or wrong path, only a different path. The different paths are needed to learn different lessons during our lifetimes on earth.

I came across a book recently entitled, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.…=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376400291&sr=1-1&keywords=the+afterlife+of +billy+fingers

In this book, Annie Kagan, the author, tells the story of the channeled messages she received from her deceased brother, Billy.
He told her detailed accounts of what happens when a person dies.

Most of what he said in the book backs up my vision, and the message I received.

The first thing that happens after the soul leaves the body is the soul entering into a state of bliss.
Then we are met by someone we loved on earth, or a higher spirit, to guide us to our next destination.

There are many worlds, and the afterlife has many forms. Where you go, who you meet, and where you meet are different for different people.

One place is called the Supra World. This is what most people here refer to as Heaven. This is where newly departed souls go when they wish to meet their loved ones from earth. There are many other things that go on in the Supra World, but you can read the rest in the book. But, “heaven” is not the final destination.

According to Billy, after being met by his father, he was escorted to a healing chamber by higher Divine Beings. (This could be what Christians call Purgatory.) Billy said this is where the soul heals itself from the emotional traumas, physical scars, etc. they acquired during their life on earth.
I have also read it is during this time we regress in appearance to our early thirties, around age 33, if we are older when we die.
I have always wondered if there was a connection to the age being 33 because that is the age Jesus was when he was crucified, according to Christian religion.

After leaving the healing chamber, the soul does a life review.
This is what is referred to as Judgment Day in the Bible.
We can spend as much time on this as we want during our review. We can also look to see how, or if, things would have a different outcome by making different choices.
And… you might want to remember this one… you get to see what people thought about you; what they said behind your back, and what their TRUE feelings were concerning you.

After the past-life review we all have different destinations we go to based on our spiritual development.
Some come back to earth to reincarnate, and others go to places in the after-worlds to develop more for “becoming the universe” experience. We will all experience this phase sooner or later.

This is where Billy found himself after his life review; becoming one with the Universe.

While there he saw blue-white light beings that looked like stick figures emitting a wavy electric current.
I found this part fascinating because I have a member who posted in my paranormal thread (see my signature) about seeing these same beings walk through her garden. This could be her explanation to what they are, at long last! They are highly advanced, loving beings.

While floating in the universe, Billy sees a large blue-white sphere that has no beginning or end, and has rays shooting out. This sphere is made of light, not fire, and instead of being yellow, its white core turns sapphire as it radiates out.
All beings on earth carry this light within them. That’s why spiritual philosophies say we are one.
It is from this sphere that Billy’s spirit guide came to join him and escort him further along his spiritual journey.

Some people believe Earth is where God sends us to be punished for our sin, but Earth is not about punishment; it is about learning and growing by overcoming the pain and obstacles we face here.
We each plan the most important roles we will go through here to learn the lessons we seek to learn.
This is called our Book of Life.
We choose the people who will come into our life; our parents, our friends, and the important circumstances of our life. We are given free will to change this once we are here, but it would go against the “road-map” we put together before we were born. Our spirit guides work hard to get us back on our chosen path, if we stray.

Although we all come from the same light source, there are many different soul tribes.
When we meet someone who seems familiar to us here, it is someone from our own soul tribe, what we call soul mates. We also meet people from other tribes that bring us gifts of new knowledge and wisdom.

One tribe is known as the Lohana, an ancient tribe that originated in India. One of their teachings is to follow your chimera, your eternal fire, and your formula for wisdom will come to you.
This is the tribe Billy belonged to.

Some beliefs relate to our life on earth being an illusion, according to Hinduism:…(illusion)

Maya is often translated as “illusion”, since our minds construct a subjective experience, which we are in peril of interpreting as reality. Māyā, an is the principal deity that manifests, perpetuates, and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal Universe.

While still experiencing being one with the universe, Billy sees the “Stream of Life”. It is made up of rippling waves of brilliant light: violet, red, yellow, orange, green, and blue. He doesn’t know what the stream represents, but is aware that it heightens his senses. He also hears unbelievable stunning music coming from around this area.

After this experience seeing the blue stick figures, Billy receives his Scared Scripture. This scripture lets us reap the rewards of our life.

All at once Billy finds himself on solid ground in a jeweled world made up of crystallized light and pink sky. Then he sees a mist forming that materializes into the goddess of his tribe. Her name is Shvara Lohana.…

Shvara, Billy’s tribe leader, leads him to a building which is pearly white, and has huge columns. There are an endless number of bridges that lead up to it. Each tribe has their own bridge, and their own tribe leader. Some of the leaders look very different to humans.
(Could these be the aliens some people have seen?)

Once inside the building, Shvara calls out, “Hotep! Hotep!”

This is the first word in an ancient Egyptian Offering Formula. Hotep prepares the soul to partake of the divine nectar of the gods.

After this, Billy finds himself in a field of red and purple roses, and lotus buds. There is a ritual done here that will end Billy’s cycle of being born.
Billy is now about to enter a void, the great emptiness of the absolute, to travel beyond time.

At some later point, a single eddy of light, whiter than any white imaginable, broke into the void and pulled him back into existence.

I have read that some people believe that if we don’t “go to heaven”, at some point, the “angels” will come rescue us because “God” will not forget us, and leave us to suffer forever.
The above statement goes along with this.

Anyway, continuing…
There are snowy, shadowy figures here that he has never seen before. He knows they are Supreme High Spirits, so he calls them the White Light Brothers.
Could this be the “Light Brothers” that some people here on ATS have spoken of?

Through the Light Brothers, Billy is stripped of his soul, and becomes the first impulse of the Divine Source: Spirit.

Now, as a divine spirit, Billy goes to a new universe. No channeling is available to his sister after this point along his afterlife journey.
Is it possible this is where we “become as gods” as I have read in some theories?

There are many more areas in the book that I didn’t cover due to lack of time.
You should read the book if you would like to know all that happens during Billy’s afterlife journey.

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think this could be a real account of what happens after death?

Here are some interesting replies to this post.

reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 04:49 AM by Rainbowresidue
S&F just for all the effort and time this must have taken you.

I believe when we die, and after meeting our loved ones, and after the healing/reflection chamber -which I have read/ heard of from many accounts- we go to our own version of heaven. We go to a heaven we would imagine it to look like. This is to make the transition easier. And then we can decide whether we want to come back to Earth to learn another lesson, or stay in heaven for a while, and continue learning/ growing there, perhaps even become someone’s spirit guide.

reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:08 AM by Meaningless
No. When we die our life ends, that’s it. Just like before we were born, nothing and after we die it’ll be the same. Life continues on and you will have never known the tricks that played you till death. I know it seems harsh but it is what it is. What’s good is that death can be avoided but it’s hard when we’re bred to believe death is inevitable and that the only true happiness comes AFTER you die.

Having absolutely no real evidence other than what people tell us, it’s safe to assume the afterlife is a lie created to scam us of our lives. Of course there will always be believers who say otherwise. Lying rewards more than telling the truth. But who really cares what I have to say? You can’t argue with those who already made their mind up, some just can’t or else they wouldn’t have a job, this I understand. And what do they say? Respect people’s beliefs? even if they’re being lead to a pointless death….
reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:16 AM by SilentE
reply to post by Meaningless

No real evidence? What are you expecting?
Someone to come back to life with holiday snaps and a stick of spiritual rock?

s&f OP. Great thread.
A lot of it sounds similar to what Robert Monroe wrote about in his OOBE books.

Have an open mind people!
reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:17 AM by sled735
reply to post by Meaningless

I watched a video once about a man who had a NDE. He thought the same as you, that there is nothing after death.

He ended up in a void of nothingness… only his conscious awareness. He was freaked out and confused. After some time, a light appeared in the distance… an angel that came and took him back to his body.

I think he had that experience as a warning to change his beliefs.

Just remember, just in case you are wrong and end up like that dude, call on the angels, or Jesus to come get you.
Just in case…
reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:23 AM by sled735
reply to post by Rainbowresidue

That’s what I believe too. I have never heard of anything beyond Heaven.
Things in the book took me by surprise. But, for the most part, it sounds logical. It covers all the different religious beliefs, and even some figures I’ve heard described in my paranormal thread.

I thought it was a fantastic read. Do I believe it all? I don’t know. Something to think about.
reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:41 AM by woodwardjnr
reply to post by RP2SticksOfDynamite

How can you possibly know that’s reality? Nobody can give a comprehensive description of what reality is.
reply posted on 17-8-2013 @ 05:57 AM by FlyersFan
reply to post by Meaningless

Energy doesn’t die. It changes form. We are energy with a body ‘shell’.
When we discard the shell, we become pure energy.
The frequencies of the energy are different … but we are all energy.

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