The Edgar Cayce Cosmology

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A few weeks ago I was able to visit the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach. I had a brief tour of the facility and was able to pick up information on Edgar Cayce and his writings. Of course, this doesn’t make me an expert on Edgar Cayce, but I thought I’d share some of what I learned. (anyone who is more ‘up’ on Cayce is very much welcome to correct what I post).

** make note .. I’m not pushing Cayce Cosmology, heck I haven’t decided if I buy into much of it at all … I’m just presenting it for those interested.

Edward Cayce. Also known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’. Americas most famous (or infamous?) psychic. Here are some quick facts on Edgar Cayce for those who don’t know who he was.

Basic Cayce Cosmology = God is real and is pure love. He made the universe and it is orderly. God created humans to be His companions. It’s our journey as humans that is making us worthy to be His companions.

Our natural life is ‘spirit’ and it didn’t begin with our human birth but instead it goes back much further. God gave us all free will and freedom of choice to ‘find ourselves’. It’s through personal experiences that we gain our own identity … being a part of God and still be uniquely ourselves. At the end of these experiences of finding ourselves, we return to God to be His companions and co-creators.

Our bodies are just a temporal home. When having human bodies in reincarnation after reincarnation is no longer useful for us, then we will no longer have them. We are not organic bodies with souls but instead we are spiritual beings who are having an organic experience. The purpose of human life is to gain experiences .

Prior to each life, the soul decides which experiences it needs in order to grow and ‘find itself’. Life after life after life = experience after experience after experience. Experiences lead to acquired knowledge. Acquired knowledge leads to wisdom which leads to compassion. And compassion leads to love … which God is … LOVE.

To get to the ultimate goal .. being pure love .. the soul goes through an education process through experiences and learns cause and effect. Each experience is a challenge for the soul in order to make it into a better person, to grow toward the love. Each and every experience – no matter how big or small – is a chance for personal growth.

In regard to REINCARNATION and KARMA – Soul growth is predicated upon how well the person deals with opportunities and circumstances. Cayce didn’t see Karma as punishment or balancing out. He didn’t see people paying for the bad karma of past lives or that some are ‘suffering souls’ who pay for the ‘collective bad karma’ of the entire human race. *** He saw Karma as ‘patterns of memory’. Karma is memory upon the soul .. memory of lessons that need to be learned .. not punishments that need to be dished out.

The carryover from past lives lived is that the soul in this life will experience consequences because past life experiences left a mark upon the soul. Those experiences moulded something in the soul with a memory upon the personality or thought process. This is a ‘memory’ .. not a ‘punishment’. And it’s in the current lifetime that the soul must work through the effects of the ‘memory’ upon the personality of the past life. The collective wealth of experiences from past lives act on the subconscious in this life … act on the personality.

When it comes to people around us – many are souls that we have ongoing relationships with from past lives. Many we have unfinished business with. We pick up with the person in the place where we last left off with them. You will find people drawn into your life who will bring with them lessons that you need to learn to grow. Dealing with the difficult ones will be an experience just as it will be if you learn at the feet of a wise Master.

That’s the basic Cayce Cosmology as far as I can see. He believed strongly in reincarnation and in God. Love is the ultimate goal and that is gained through experiences and soul growth. He believed in the Akashic Records (Book of Life) and that it could be accessed to discover how to move along and work through problems in this life. (I’ve read his book on the Akashic Records and I’m not convinced that he actually was tapping into them).

As I said, I’m not a Cayce expert and I’m not selling what he wrote .. this is just for those who are interested. If people decide to post remarks, please be polite to each other. Thank you.

*** Suffering souls – Buddhists and Catholics both believe that some people are chosen, or volunteer, to be ‘suffering souls’. They are holy souls who suffer in this life by ‘burning up’ the bad karma (Buddhist) or sin debt (Catholic) of others so that they can advance and get off the karma wheel (Buddhist) or so they can obtain some extra grace from God and find an end to their sins or purgatory sentence (Catholic).

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