ATS – what is the purpose of us being in a human body?

Thread started by FlyersFan at ATS

No one knows … so there are no right or wrong answers. Based on your thoughts and experiences and learning .. what is the purpose of us (our real selves .. our spiritual consciousness) being stuck in these human bodies?

Is there no purpose at all? We are what we are? No reason at all? No God? No spirit?

Does the fact that we are in these human bodies that get sick and break down evidence that they are not ‘intelligently designed?

Or do we have a creator-god who is really cruel? A dead beat dad who enjoys watching us suffer?

Or is our ‘creator’ really other organic life forms (aliens) … but if so then still the question remains why did the ultimate creator (god) put our spiritual essence into these human bodies?

Or is the fact that we are in frail human bodies evidence of an intelligent designer putting us in organic bodies to learn higher spiritual lessons? LIke compassion? Like suffering with the world so we know we are all together somehow? Broken bodies are an opportunity for others to step in and help which is good karma and helps us develop spiritually, etc etc?

Or is it something else altogether???

That’s what I’d like to know your opinion on …. If there is a higher being that has created humanity, why do you think He decided to stick our spiritual essence into these fallible and sickly organic bodies that are so very limited and that suffer and die? Was He being cruel? and uncaring? Was He thinking we would grow spiritually from the experience? Or are just what we are for no reason … there is no ‘what purpose’ to answer?

I don’t have the answer. I’m asking the question. What do you think?
Anyone’s answer is as good as anyone else’s.
So please … share what you think. I’d LOVE to hear it!

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