Earthly coincidences.

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Some of you may have seen small segments of this before in a thread I created about a year ago. That thread got ruined when plagiarism notices were added to the op and more than half the op was removed. My error was not labeling my own work! therefore it was assumed to be someone else’s and hence the notices. I contacted the staff and the notices were removed, but the content was never replaced and the thread no longer made any sense.This is not a repeat of that thread, it’s Part 2

This thread is about numbers, and whether they are just a coincidence, or whether there’s a reason for them.

First lets look at the Moon.
The distance between the Moon and the earth varies a little each year, and I know that over time that distance has grown, however, it seems remarkable that at the very moment when man becomes able to measure and confirm these distances accurately, the moon has moved to a position that often causes the perfect eclipse.
An eclipse that is often so perfect that the moon appears to be the exact same size as the sun.
That is why we all marvel at these events, isn’t it?
To be the exact same size is quite a coincidence! There’s an infinite amount of space out there, and yet the moon just happens to be at the only position in our entire universe that enables it to cause the perfect eclipse.

Maybe worthy of note here is the fact the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, and it’s 400 times further away!

The moon is the perfect size to square the circumference of the earth! This discovery was made when a crop circle showed the same method, see the link at bottom of post!

Considering the amazing coincidence of the moons position to cause a perfect eclipse, doesn’t it seem even more amazing that the moon just happens to be the exact size needed to square the earth? What are the odds of this happening naturally?

If that was the end of these coincidences then maybe, just maybe, we could allow ourselves to believe that it really is just coincidence?

But there’s more!

Allen Brown (in the crop circle vid linked below) noticed the same method of squaring of the circle could be applied to Stonehenge by creating the size of the satellite circles from the distance between the inner and outer circle. [Using the original outer ring that’s still visible, but no-longer has stones above ground].

Drawing from cropcircle vid linked below below.

There’s more!

If we take the earths diameter, 5040 miles, and the earth plus moons radius, 7920 miles, we find that Stonehenge has those same numbers in feet i.e.: 50.4 and 79.2
Now that really is quite a coincidence! It seems to link Stonehenge with the moon and the earth.

And there’s more!

Remember the numbers we just used? 5040 and 7920 ?
5040 is the first seven numbers multiplied together 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 5040
7920 is the next four numbers multiplied together 8x9x10x11 = 7920

And that’s just a coincidence!!

Those same numbers lead us to a crop circle.

Image from cropcicle vid linked below.

The above crop formation has those same numbers. There are 504 standing elements and 792 flattened elements. This crop formation symbolises the DNA spiral, the squaring of the circle and the relationship between the earth and the moon.
Allen Brown. (from vid linked below)

“Imagine someone asking you to create a design containing 504 + 792 elements and make it interesting. To come up with the circle [above] with a perfect rotating DNA spiral also encoding those numbers is a work of genius, and to find it in a wheat field, beautifully formed, in august, it seems the most sane way of dealing with this is to accept it demonstrates a level of intelligence and compassion towards us which is pulling us up and we have to look at it square in the face. I think its truly an extraordinary piece of intelligence and geometry…”.

The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid in Egypt is another source of numbers that are supposedly just a coincidence too, but what if we can link the great pyramid with all what we’ve seen above?

If we could find a link are we still to believe its just coincidence?

Remember that above we noticed how the sun and the moon share the number 400? And how the moon, the earth, and Stonehenge share the number 5040 and 7920? Well, we can link Stonehenge with the great pyramid using those numbers!

In the vid (linked below) made by Carl Munck, he shows us that Stonehenge gives us the following.

1. Its own grid reference.
2. The grid reference of the ancient Go-low formation in Germany.
3. The grid reference of the ancient Cuicuilco formation
4. The grid reference of the Great pyramid.

That’s quite a lot of information!

So how is he doing it?
According to Munck the only way to make sense of the maths is to have the prime meridian centered at the great pyramid because the ancients’ prime meridian was located there at 31dg 8 mins 00.8 seconds east of Greenwich.
Our current Prime meridian is located at Greenwich.

British archaeologists say that in its early stages and before it started to fall apart the outer circle consisted of 60 outer stones, with 30 of them lying on top. The inner shape was like a horse shoe, it had 10 standing stones and 5 lintels on top.

The numbers above are being offered to us by the monument and they really do seem an obvious choice if we were looking for encoded information. If by using those numbers we can create meaningful data, and it’s repeatable, that would take us beyond mere coincidence!

I think he’s doing it like this – please correct me if I’m wrong.
The Outer circle is a 360’ arc and it’s created using 60 stones. So we multiply 360 by the number of stones

360 x 60 = 21600

So, we’ve now got the number 21600.
We should note that 21600 is the number of arc minutes for any circle. It’s also the number of miles (nautical)
for the polar circumference of the earth, so it seems to be an interesting number already!

What do we do with it?
Munck noticed the grid latitude of Stonehenge, 51’ 10min North so he tried the following.

He took the 21600 and divided it by the 51
21600 / 51 = 423.5294118

Then he took the 423.5294118 and divided it by the 10min
423.5294118 / 10 = 42.3529

So, he’s used the 51
He’s also used the 10
And he’s got 42.3529

51 deg 10 min 42.3529 sec. This is the exact latitude of Stonehenge
51 x 10 x 42.35294118 = 21600 North

Munck calls the product of a sites Degrees x Minutes x Seconds the Grid Latitude. In this case 21600.

Here’s another one. US.

This multiplies to 40x02x27=2160 Longitude
Remember this 2160

Here’s another.
Fort2. The circle has a grid reference of 113 : 24 : 56.22 Latitude.
This multiplies to 216000

Notice the three numbers
Fort 1 2160
Stonehenge 21600
Fort 2 216000

Now, rushing back to Stonehenge..

We noted there were 2 formations – the inner and outer circles – so we use the 2.
There are 15 inner standing stones so we use the 15.
There are 60 outer standing stones so we use the 60.

When multiplied (60x2x15) these numbers become 1800

reply posted on 31-8-2013 @ 07:31 PM by VoidHawk

Now multiply the 1800 by the fifteen inner stones.
1800 x 15 = 27000 the grid number for Germanys Golow formation that we looked at above.So, Fort2 on grid number 216000 points to Germanys Golow formation.
Stonehenge on grid number 21600 points to Germanys Golow formation.

Is that a fluke?

The maths he consistently used # x # x # = #
And we always get

The inner circle consisted of 15 standing stones, divided into 5 separate units that lay on top, so we’ll use the 5.
Using the 1800 that we got above we divide it by the 5.
1800 / 5 = 360

So, now we have a grid number of 360, what will we find at grid reference 360?
The great pyramid centres itself on longitude 360’

The Cuicuilco formation (Mexico) sits on latitude 360’

So, we can extract the following data from Stonehenge.
1. Its own grid reference.
2. The grid reference of Golow in Germany.
3. The grid reference of the Great pyramid.
4. The grid reference of the Cuicuilco formation

We now arrive at the Great Pyramid for some more of those….coincidences!

Here are just a few of those numbers found in the pyramid.
Next 5 Pictures copied from vid below, then redrawn by me using photoshop to make them a little more clear.


The speed of light!

The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, and its also 400 times further away than the Moon.
A solar eclipse that’s the perfect fit to cover the sun.
The moon a perfect fit to square the earth.
The moon, the earth, and Stonehenge sharing the same numbers, and the numbers 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 and 8x9x10x11 giving us those same numbers!
Those same numbers also just happens to be the earths diameter , and the earth plus moons radius!
A crop circle giving us those same numbers combined with a rotating DNA spiral.
Grid references extracted from Stonehenge lead us to the Great Pyramid.
The great pyramid showing us the speed of light, THINK ABOUT THAT !
The pyramid showing how far you’ll move through space in one second if you’re standing on the equator.
The pyramid showing us pi and the golden section.
The curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth.
The sum of the pyramid’s two base diagonals in Pyramid Inches = length of the Precession of the Equinoxes (25,827 years)
The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error.
There are no hieroglyphics or writing in the Great Pyramid and no mummies or body’s were ever found in it.
The Great Pyramid is located at the centre of the land mass of the earth.

At what point do we stand back and admit that this is all just a bit too much?
Do you honestly still believe its all just a coincidence?

I’m not a creationist, and I don’t believe in supernatural gods, but I’m willing to believe that something or someone! may have messed about within our solar system!

Imagine an alien race that’s just one billion years more advanced than us, just imagine what they’d be capable of! Now imagine aliens with EIGHT BILLION years head start!!
To us, if we were actually capable of seeing them!, they would be absolutely God like.
To them, we may be little more than lumps of flesh that wobble about noisily.

I see absolutely no reason to doubt the idea that we humans, or at least our solar system, could have been messed with.

Cross over from another dimension.
Suggest you skip along to about 39:30

The Revelations of the pyramids.
I know its been posted many times, however, if you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend it.

Munck Sacred Geometry.
Its very long, and Carl is probably not everyones cup of tea, but once you get into it you begin to realise he’s making a lot of sense.

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