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How to decalcify your Pineal Gland

Posted by VeritasAequitas at ATS with link below. I have seen many threads open up here at ATS, and in this section notably, by many inquisitive and curious minds about how they may decalcify or open up their third eye. … Continue reading

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Return of the Gods

An interesting site ” Return of the Gods” has this statement on their homepage. “It was an unusual incident which massively shook the foundations of my view of the world which until then had been based upon facts and science … Continue reading

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What is the Golden Age of Gaia?

This site, with link below, claims : “The purpose of this site is to help inform, motivate and create a planet where all her inhabitants thrive; where we as humans evolve as higher dimensional spiritual beings; where truth and abundance … Continue reading

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Coming Home

Contents 1 The Darkness of Death is a Path of Light to Us 1.1 Death is Nothing More Than a New Birth 1.2 Death is Merely the Casting off of the Garment of Flesh 1.3 The Joy, the Ecstacy of … Continue reading

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