How to decalcify your Pineal Gland

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I have seen many threads open up here at ATS, and in this section notably, by many inquisitive and curious minds about how they may decalcify or open up their third eye. Of course this question is natural for those that are awakening to the potential of the soul, and therefore it’s human counterpart, most of which is conducted through the Pineal gland, or Third Eye as it has been called in the Eastern wisdom systems and traditions. I would like to set out a small and easily feasible method that involves my learned knowledge of medicine and nutrition. Feel free to ask any further questions you may have of me at the end of this post.

Most people recommend one very crucial step in the detox of your pineal gland ; remove fluoride and any tap water from your diet. However, the battle or debate rather, at this point becomes what is the best water to use? Many will recommend reverse osmosis water, for his ability to remove fluoride; however true this may be, it only removes a small portion of the fluoride, and it varies from machine to machine. The best water in my learned opinion is distilled water. A common misconception, and what I believe to be a direct result of a misinformation campaign, is that distilled water is devoid of minerals. The true misinformation here is that while it may be devoid of minerals; they are minerals that are inorganic, incompatible, and unusable by the human body.

These are not minerals that are derived from the structure of the water, but are run off deposits from surrounding rocks and stones in the riverbed; in essence they do not come from the water, but the rocks, and as many of you may know, we don’t eat rocks. Distilled water is made by boiling ordinary tap water, and capturing the steam from the water, which evaporates at a lower temperature, than the toxins and contaminants like fluoride, chloride, etc. The steam once captured is funnelled to a chamber where it may condense back down into pure H2O, free of any contaminants. These previously inorganic compounds and mineral if ingested, would not be absorbed and utilized properly by your body, and would later simply be deposited into your joints, arteries, and organs where they do not belong. This will be covered more in just one moment.

The next step is, you need to begin taking 25mg+ Iodoral tablets, which can be found online. They are potent Potassium Iodide tablets which strengthen the Thyroid gland to fight disease and infection. The thyroid is a key step in awakening the Eye, because the Throat is the bridge between the Heart and the Eye. The Thyroid is actually very susceptible to damage from fluoride, bromide, and chloride, because all of them structurally are very similar to iodide, because they are all halogens under the periodic table. So essentially they compete for attention by the thyroid gland. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my previous work on Iodine/Iodide, the link is in my signature below.

The thyroid makes the hormones (triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroxine (T4) ) which influence the effectiveness of every hormone, neurotransmitter, mineral, nutrient, etc in your body; melatonin namely being one. Melatonin is created by the Pineal gland in order to strengthen it, and increase your psychic capacity. This is a key step in reversing and opening your Third Eye, the Iodide therapy will remove all contaminants and toxins from your body, not to mention greatly increase your metabolism, energy, mood, and other bodily functions.

Vitamins D3 and K2 will also help tremendously. Both help to take the excess calcium buildup on the pineal gland, and in between your other joints, arteries, and organs, and return the calcium to your bones, where it is supposed to be in order to make them strong. Another component to this would be adding Boron, which it is NOT the same as boric acid, I mean the essential mineral Boron; which is the Iodide, of the Parathyroid. When the Parathyroid is deprived of Boron, it will make too much of it’s parathyroid hormone, Parathyrin, which will cause your bones to release their calcium deposits, in order to increase blood serum calcium level. This means without K2 & D3 working synergistically, the calcium will be deposited into your joints, arteries, and organs such as : knees, spine, hands, heart, throat, and your pineal gland, which causes calcification, a primary cause of arthritis. The joints become inflamed because they are like hinges on a door that have become rusted. The pain and inflammation can be seen as the ‘creaking’ sound of the hinges.

Finally, drink distilled water, to remove any additional toxins from your body. Water can often be seen like the hard drive of a computer, it has a certain kind of ‘memory’ to it. Once it is ‘full’ it can not hold anymore. When you drink chemical and additive laden tap water, the ‘memory’ is too full, and can not pick up anything else to flush from your system, so toxins will continue to build up over the course of your life. However, distilled water does not have that problem, because it is simply condensed steam, to form pure H2O, it has a completely empty ‘memory’ which is how many people have detoxed their bodies in the past. In fact, your body is made out of distilled water. The ‘memory’ of water is the foundation for homeopathy, however a little inconvenient fact ignored by critics when attempting to discredit homeopathy, is that they use regular tap or otherwise ‘full’ water which can not absorb the effects or ‘powers’ of the herb. The slapping of the pouch produces vibrations which merge the two until they become indistinguishable.

This is about as much information as I can give without the wonderful feedback I enjoy so much, and I have attempted to be as detailed as possible. Of course there are always supplementary herbs, plants, nutrients & vitamins such as ascorbic acid, etc, to be taken, however I have tried to keep this short and sweet. With an implemented plan like the one above, you should definitely start to see some noticeable change in how you feel, think, and see the world. Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.


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