Return of the Gods

An interesting site ” Return of the Gods” has this statement on their homepage.

“It was an unusual incident which massively shook the foundations of my view of the world which until then had been based upon facts and science in 2011!”

This incident and the mind-blowing experiences that followed, virtually turned my world upside-down over night.

I began asking questions, struggled for answers, did research, looking for explanations for these unsettling experiences and thereby opened the door to a world so far unknown to me.

The answers I have found are fascinating, mind-blowing and fantastic at the same time, while disrupting the boundaries of the world as they are understood by most of mankind today.

This led me to my decision to share my findings with others. These fundamental and important insights deal with nothing less than:

The existence of extraterrestrial life forms and their imminent return to Earth!

I have not devised this Internet site solely as an information platform for interested parties. I also offer this to be a central hub for those who have had similar experiences and are looking for contacts with like-minded people.

I will go into greater detail in specific articles, dealing with:

  • How extraterrestrial life forms are preparing us for their return
  • Which aims they have
  • The roll of awareness and spiritual aspects
  • UFO-phenomena and historic indications towards the existence of extraterrestrial life forms

The link between religious traditions of various cultures, the appearances of ET-life forms as well as spiritual aspects are extensive and real.

The question is not: When will the Gods return, but rather:
When will mankind be ready to receive them?!!

Mel mas ka ha ‘a! – We are very much looking forward to meeting you!


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