I’m going to share with you somethings

I’m going to share with you somethings

By The Magicians Apprentice of ATS.
Life is a funny thing and we never know what is around the corner.Life can teach us many things in many ways some good and some bad. Yet.. the fact remains you should not let it effect you instead you should learn from it and draw from its knowledge. In my life I experienced and learned many things –

I been poor
I been rich
I been healthy
I been sick
I felt love
I felt heart break
and many upon many things….

Each experience taught me many things and opened many doors, for even within the darkest room there is always a meaning/light to open ones eyes. For within every experience and every person we meet we either learn a lesson or a prologue towards a point we meant to reach. However, I do not believe in God and yet he/she/they belie in me to find my way, it is some what strange to know things.

Yet ! at the same time I know nothing more then a grain of sand on an infinite beach we call existence spread across many worlds & times.

The Father,The Mother or The Family Of Light, whatever that you call it is a lot closer then any of us think, picture a tiny spark, the tiny grain of sand and multiply that by infinity. We can never truly grasp or get close to what God or Whatever it is that is out there truly is. We try to put a point or define it but we can never truly understand it or the meaning behind it. So why do we continue to try ?

Only in death do we find out and in near death do we get a peak at grasping the meaning.

My main point is believe in whatever way you want to believe, don’t let others or a church tell you how you meant to believe.

We are given the choices and as long as you make the right ones you will be fine

posted on Jan, 16 2014 @ 10:02 AM
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You’re coming awfully close to Satanism here. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

If this is what you advocate then I hope you’re ready to deal with the ‘freedom’ of other people’s evil. Some people ARE truly evil, without some kind of balancing power they’re going to crush the meek.

I agree in principle with your post. God isn’t this all controlling entity people make out, you’re actually entitled and asked to worship within the confines of your own home, this brings you closer to a walk with God. Your faith is personal and it should remain that way until you see something that needs help or correction, correction through love and understanding; not a club.

I understand you feel God is unknowable but that’s not true. You know God through his word and his promises. God wants you to understand him. You’re not separate from God (know not that ye are Gods, said by Jesus himself), power was given to you to understand. You and God are one, you’re the temple.

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Seems the new age is coming along supremely. A lot of the time on this site new age philosophy is thrown around and accepted widely as fact. Strange times. If you’re really into your new age philosophy then Alan Watts is probably a yogi you listen to. All I can say is, most new agers I’ve spoken to and known (myself included in the past) harbor a deep emptiness and existential crisis waiting to happen. They lack meaning and so look to vastness and super-connectivity to relate. Everything is everything else – their separation forces them in desperation to look outside of themselves for a higher purpose when we’re given one to begin with. Love one another as the LORD loved us. The lie in the new age is that there ever WAS a separation from the almighty.

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posted on Jan, 16 2014 @ 10:04 AM

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We are given the choices and as long as you make the right ones you will be fine

Even if ‘you’ make the wrong ones, you will be fine. That’s what the ‘dark night of the soul’ is all about – and sounds like you’ve had your fair share of that.

Life is about learning. As much as possible. I don’t think we can learn what is required of us to be a ‘full citizen of the universe’ until we’ve lived through just about everything – as both victim and perpetrator, in the lap of luxury or in the direst famine and poverty-stricken remote village –

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