Astronomical Twilight of the Gods

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We can consider here if you like the concepts that the Egyptians associations with the rising of the Sun, the manifestation of Ra, the magical process that was envisioned around this, Heka through which all things arose, and also consider the Egyptian esoteric usage of the Pentagram with regards to this.

“I am he whom the Lord of all made before duality had yet come into being … I am the son of him who gave birth to the universe … I am the protection of that which the Lord of all has ordained … I am he who gave life to the Ennead of gods … I have come to take my position that I may receive my dignity. Because to me belonged the universe before you gods had come into being. You have come afterwards because I am Heka.”

Another epithet for Heka was “the one who consecrates imagery” (HkA-kA). It refers exactly to the primeval generative attribute of Heka to empower the creator’s divine thoughts and actions and translate them into their substantial equivalent in the visual and material world. Heka was the animation force behind every ritual act, state or private, beneficent or hostile

The creative act of Heka is personified and depicted on the solar bark of the creator god Re. In company with Su (“creative logos”) and Sia (“perception”), Heka re-enacts the creation of the first time and the separation of heaven and earth. The theological manifestation of Heka is present in tomb and temple representations as early as the Old Kingdom.
‘I am one with Atum when he still floated alone in Nun, the waters of chaos, before any of His strength had gone into creating the cosmos. I am Atum at His most inexhaustible – the potence and potential of all that is to be. This is my magic protection and it’s older and greater than all the Gods together, The Perfect youth, sweet of love,Who repeats the births again and again

As can be seen then Heka was the underlying magical premise of all Creation, the translation from the invisible to the visible, from darkness to light, from the immaterial to that having form, and the birth of the Sun encapsulated all these concepts.

In order to achieve this the Sun needed to emerge from the Duat, the sign for which was the Pentagram, the encircled five pointed star, why the Egyptians should have decided upon this as a symbol needs to be determined. The first considered usage of the Pentagram Symbol is thought to date back to Uruk circa 3,200 BC, there it was the UB sign and related to the four quarters of the cosmos and also importantly The Four Winds, thus the sign could be understood as animating the spiritual qualities associate with these winds/directions, hence its relationship to ‘magic’

The basis for the ideogram is cycles of the Planet Venus in terms of the viewed relationship from Earth perspective, with regards to it’s visual merging and remerging from the Sun over 584 day periodics, alternating as a Morning or Evening star, and thus also very closely associated with sunrise and set, it’s this association needs to be considered closely.

The Egyptians were aware that the first angle for Astronomical Twilight was at 18 degrees below the horizon, beneath which no light appears over the horizon, in the iconography of the Dream Stela located at the Sphinx this is expressed in geometric symbolism, were the first offering is made marking this point below the horizon, the unseen birth of Ra, the next offering is at 9 degrees above the horizon line, associate with the first hour of the day, as can be learnt from Egyptian Sundials, these angles of course directly relating to those of the Pentagon.

The Sphinx Temple itself also contains within its architectural design the geometric proportions relating to the Morning and Evening stars, their relationship to Sunrise and set, the entering of the Sun into the Duat, and this relationship to the four directions, there were originally ten statues placed upon the plinths around the inner courtyard, also are seen six pillars either side outside of this representing the tentyfour hours of the days circuit.

Venus itself was understood as the eye of Hathor, she who in her Morning star aspect was as a fierce Lioness, and as the Evening star the cow eyed Goddess of pleasure, this complimented the eye of Horus represented by the planet Mercury, which as Morning Star embodied the principle of Divine Kingship, as Evening Star associate with Seth.

These two eyes of Ra, the planets of inferior orbit closely related to the Sun, represented the Male and Female aspects bound as One, it is Heka that pre-determines Duality and binds it as twin serpents.


To the right Thoth can be seen measuring out the proportions of the axis which relates to the symbolism of the opening of the Double Doors of Heaven, this represents the magical opening into the Duat itself, related to the concept of the Double Doors of Heaven, again the esoteric usage of the Pentagram, were A is to B as B is to C.

This motif would often be seen on the canopic outer containers which held the four jars containing the organs of a deceased, an aspect of the cult of Osiris and the Duat, in order to overcome the serpent of Chaos, Apophis, it was important to known the words to enable passage.

The sysmbolism of the Pentagram will also be bound up with this translation between realms were Anubis is seen as guardian of the double bolted gateway. It’s esoteric usage in such a context of course is the basis for the Pentagram of the Magic Circle, the divide between the material and immaterial, light and darkness, and also the relationship between four quarters or guardians dating back at least to Uruk.

In terms of the greater Necropolis, such as Giza it is considered the pyramid itself represented the power of Ra, but also i would consider that the small cult Pyramids related to Horus, and the Queens Pyramids to Hathor, and their respective eyes.

The two pits that flank the upper temple East of the pyramid house boats that were probably for Khufu as Horus. These pits are oriented North and South. This orientation may relate to the power of Horus which was written in ancient texts to have extended from the North to the South. Their location near the upper temple suggests that these boats were also connected with the living King because the temple’s design is thought to have been based on the palace of the living King as Horus

The first boat pit may have been connected with the Cult of Hathor who was one of the triad of deities of Giza. The Pyramid complex was dedicated to the Gods Re, Hathor and Horus

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