From Egypt to Israel in symbols

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So there have been tons of threads on Sun-gods, Israel, Jesus, etc. etc. They usually break down into 2 camps, defending the historicity and non pagan-ness of Jesus, vs. the it’s all bunk crowd, or God=Satan.

I’d like to find a middle ground, and the concept of a middle ground or something in the midst of is going to be an important concept in this thread. The middle ground is that I believe Jesus is the fulfillment of every Religion. He is the axis mundi of civilization. Just to get it out of the way, for me, I don’t care if Jesus is a real guy, for me the myth is whats important. That is what all ancient history is, myth. Myth is a vessel that carries a deep truth. Lets call that truth a seed, or a sea-man, the semen enters into the vessel or ship, which is why ships, are women. Thats why Christ has a bride (made of men and women), we are the vessel for the Seed, which is the idea, or the Logos. The truth is carried in the midst of the myth. (And with that I do think Jesus was a real guy, but that is not the point)

That seed is carried along from myth to myth. There are corruptions along the way, but I believe that there is a framework of archetypes that are central to our consciousness, these are the markers for the way home. These are the symbols that are everywhere in our world. From abstract down to letters. Thats what a letter is, it is a placeholder for a sound, or in the more ancient alphabets, each letter had a meaning. Words are are also carriers of something “else”. What do you think of when I write the word ‘dog’? Your pet? An annoying dog barking. The word dog is a symbol or placeholder or image/icon for a whole species. Yet if you don’t read english and you see ‘dog’ it might have a totally different connotation in your language, or mean nothing at all.

In the same way we see all these symbols that are shared throughout the history of man, yet we cannot read them. Partly because of multiple purges. I don’t know all the reasonings, or motives, or all the details obviously, but power is always a great motivator, and religion has been used to wield great power. These are the empire builders, the powers that be, this is what is referred to as Babylon the great in the book of Revelation. These are the principalities and powers. Anyone that uses the archetypes to elevate themselves above others. Religious leaders, politicians, etc. (angels, gods, aliens, whatever not the point)

Opposed to these powers are the Truth bearers. Truth is seen as fire, or a torch, the light on a hill, the sun. Prometheus is punished by the gods for sharing truth with humans. These are those that walk according to the Spirit, as Paul would say. These are those with the halo of the sun around their heads, as the sun is a crown to them. Your mind/soul is the receptacle/vessel of the sun/seed/spirit.

This concept of the mind/soul/female/vessel for the Spirit/male/seed/sun, is the meaning behind the vast majority of solar worship IMO, and the truth behind the sexual rites. The powers abused the symbol of the man entering the woman being the sun-god impregnating the earth/moon woman. Instead of understanding the concept behind the symbol, they literalized the symbol. And eventually this degraded into cult prostitution. Or in the case of Cybele and Attic, the actual castration of men in the rite. I think Paul referred to this in Galatians when he tells them if they want to be circumcised they should go castrate themselves. Here Paul is criticizing the Judaizers or those that wanted to hold on to the Law, by comparing it to the baseness of the Cybele cult. The law here is the literal symbol. Literal circumcision is about as good as literal castration. But Paul also talks about the circumcision of the heart. That is the reality, or the spiritual truth. Literal circumcision and the story given about it is a myth that carried a seed. That seed was the truth of the being given a new heart, a divine heart.

The letter vs. The spirit is all throughout Pauls writings. Jesus spoke of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The book of Hebrews has the earthly jerusalem which is Hagar, the bondservant, vs. Sarah the heavenly Jerusalem. Stone heart vs. Flesh heart. But we don’t have a stone heart to begin with, we have an actual flesh heart. So stone=flesh vs. flesh=Spirit.

The problem is when the spiritual truths become carnalized, and the heard hearted become the teachers, and preachers. When the blind are leading the blind, by trying to argue about a literal 6 day creation, and miss the fact that that creation narrative is symbolic of the formation of the New man in US. Even to this day their minds are veiled, Paul says. They can’t see past the veil of flesh, the veil woven of babylonian design, the matrix that covers the reality.

When the hardened minded take power they purge the past. We see it with Islam destroying buddhist shrines now. It happened with Rome. It happened with Josiah and the Deuteronomic purge. Prior to Josiah in the 500’s BC, Jews and Israelites worshipped the same pantheon of gods that the nations around them did. Josiah then “found” the Torah, and they started doing all this stuff they’d never done before. All the sudden all these pagan symbols they had been openly using became bad.

I would suggest reading for some background on this.

Now I know I’ve ticked off a ton of christians, jews and muslims. I’m not trying to broadly label, or libel. What I’m saying is blasphemy, I know. But there are many clues. My goal in this thread is to illuminate the thread of truth that goes back to the beginning.

So to the title of the thread from Egypt to Israel. When Israel left Egypt they were given gold by the egyptians. On the outside this means literal gold, but I don’t care what literally happened at the exodus. But the inner meaning is divinity. They plundered their treasures of knowledge, wisdom, truth. Then God says “make everything according to the pattern that I showed you on the mountain.” They used all the treasure of the egyptians and created the ark, and tabernacle, and utensils. These are symbols, that are blatantly “pagan” in origin, and yet aren’t condemned, until Jeremiah removes the ark, and the bronze serpent, after people started worshipping them. Well they were worshipping them all along, and that is what is condemned. The creature is not the creator. The symbol is not the reality.

But yet the symbol is still useful, it is in the fabric of our DNA. Jesus likened himself to the bronze serpent, lifted up in the wilderness. He is also likened to the ark. He is also likened to the tabernacle. And so are you and I. These very egyptian/Sumerian symbols are there to point us to the truth. These symbols are the vessel for the Truth. The zodiac is a vessel. The sun-god myths are vessels. The vessel that carried Moses was a woven basket. A tale is woven, or the old saying of “he spun a yarn”, or even a thread on the internet. These all speak of weaving, of tapestries, which are the tales or myths that convey truth. The shield of a family tells a story. All of these very visual symbols tell stories. What is the point of the story?, not stories, but STORY….
Deep in the past of Israel we find a form of religion that is very different from what is presented to us in the Bible. From the Deuteronomists point of view (these are the purgers, reformers, lying pens of the scribes) it was good to clean up their history because of how profane religion had become. But they created confusion. They created a separation, an us vs. them. This is what we do, as humans as a means of security, to be a part of a group is to survive, to thrive. On the other hand I think there were powers that be at work using this separation and confusion to control the masses. If I think that you are an “other” that is “unclean”, unworthy, inhuman, then I can sever my connection to you emotionally. I can enslave, subjugate, dominate. And that is the motive behind the principalities and powers of creating the confusion of who we are, and where we came from, and where we are going. And on the Other other hand we have the “mysteries” being protected from the profane, being hidden behind a veil.

So lets stop yapping, and get to the symbols

This article covers the earliest evidence of Yahweh known.
Yahweh worshipped as the Sun

The main focus is on two archeological finds. The Taanach Cult stand

And the Kunilet Arjud Pithioi

These date to the 10th and 8th century BC respectively.


Each pithos has an inscription that refers to Yahweh and to his Asherah (or, as I prefer, asherah).1 Pithos A, in the most commonly accepted interpretation, speaks of “Yahweh of Shomron (Samaria) and his asherah (or Asherah).” The inscription on Pithos B states, “I bless you by Yahweh of Teman and by his asherah (or Asherah).”

The picture of the people looking left on the pithioi is meant to be of them venerating the Sun. Each one from left to right is looking successively higher in accord with the ascension of the sun.


Our study of these religiously meaningful representations will prepare us for and lead us back to the drawings on the pithoi from Kuntillet ‘Ajrud. On the journey, we will learn not only that Yahweh did have a consort, but that at a very early period—the Taanach cult stand dates to the tenth century B.C.E.—Israel conceived of Yahweh abstractly and non-anthropomorphically. At this same time, Yahweh was also symbolically represented—at least occasionally—by the sun. All these strands of theological understanding of Yahweh and Yahweh worship existed simultaneously—a most elevated and abstract understanding within a pagan (though Yahwistic) context.

On the highest of its four tiers are two freestanding pillars typical of entrances to temples in Syria-Palestine. The stand seems to represent four temple scenes complete with the deities venerated in the temple. Although some of the scenes appear to be pagan in character, the four vignettes belong to the same (Yahwistic) complex, both physically and ideologically
There are 4 tiers with different but similar scenes on each

Tier 1: An animal, either a horse or a bull, above which is a sun-disk with wings (or the sun with rays). The scene is flanked, as previously noted, by freestanding pillars.
Tier 2: A pair of ibex reaching into a “tree of life.” This scene is flanked on either side by a lion.
Tier 3: A vacant space between two cherubim.
Tier 4: A nude female between two lions virtually identical to the lions on tier 2.

On the sides of tiers 2, 3 and 4 are the sides of the animals that flank the central part of the tier. On the sides of tier 1 are griffins (as lions are on tiers 2 and 4). The back of the stand is smooth, except for two square holes typical of fenestration on cult stands.


Other examples of cult shrines found in Israel What we see are the 4 horns, Palm trees, goddesses, with fire burning inside representing the sun-Yahweh.

Here we have the Qedesh Stele,

Qedesh is the woman in the middle. Her name is also Hathor-Meri (Mary, the virgin bride that is the vessel of the Seed, which is the sun on her crown, the Zar or Asar which are the words for crown in Hebrew). On the left is Min a fertility god, who is also the first Pharaoh of Egypt, Menes, and possibly king Minos. Also associated with Meni, the Gad (God) of Fortune, well Gad is the greater and Meni is the lesser fortune. On the right is Resheph, a god of war/protection against disease, a healer god. Resheph’s sign is the Ibex, as in what we find in the Taanach stand. This stele, along with the Tanaach stand are what made me take a jump into this river that is so deep.

These are pictures of the Theophany. We cannot grasp the invisible eternal Godhead with our veiled minds. When men would gaze into the heavens they would see this basic form. A vessel/moon of the sun is the most basic but the expanded is the emanation of the sons from the mother and father, which are the Sun in the moon, or horns, or horae, or the 4 corners of the earth, the 4 cardinal points, the 4 pillars of the earth. These horns or 4 points are extensions or children of the Sun+Moon. They are the little Horus’ in Egypt. These are the faces of the cherubim which are 4 representing the cardinal points, along with the tribes of Israel being set in this pattern around the tabernacle, which is the Flesh/Woman/Beth/Beit/Soul. “And the Word/Logos/seed/male became flesh/woman/soul, and Dwelt (literally tabernacled) among us. This is the Father in the House, the Aleph-Beth. Sometimes this theophany is distilled down to 2 horns, or projections, or children of the A-B, the ABBA, the true God. That is what we see in this Stele.

We also see this Theophany in Habakuk 3

3 God came from Teman,
and the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah
His splendor covered the heavens,
and the earth was full of his praise.
4His brightness was like the light;
rays flashed from his hand;
and there he veiled his power.
5Before him went pestilence,
and plague followed at his heels

Notice this is Yaweh from Teman, this is the archaic viewing of Yaweh. His power is veiled by what? Rays of light and lightning. Those rays are in reference to Plague, that word plague is also rendered burning coals.These refer to Apollo, which is the greek version of Resheph. Apollo is the healing rays of the sun, that also blind us/veil us/kill us. The rays flashing from his hand is literally Horns of Light. The other cover of Yahweh is pestilence, as it is translated, but that Word is literally Deber, or Dabar. Dabar is the Hebrew word for “Word”. The Greek version is the Logos, and that is what is in there in the LXX. That is Min, or the Male principle, the erect penis brother in the Qedesh Stele. That is the Aleph/Alpha, Bull. Resheph on the End is the Tau, or Omega. These two are the Alpha/Omega.
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