Big Love

“When you ask why some event happened, the only true and complete answer is “The Universe”, because if any part of the Universe had been different, things would have happened differently.”

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky

What most people call God, I call Creative Awareness. It’s all around us in every moment; it surges through us so we are never without it, no matter what else we believe about it. It has a particular feeling to it that I call Big Love. These were the only words I could find that seem to give the meaning I wanted, to explain how it feels when you are in connection with it. And it’s something that I desire all people to experience. This creative awareness is huge, and exists throughout our Universe; it’s all things and more. Because of this it’s also what we are made up of and from. Without it there can be no things as it supplies everything that’s needed; it supplies all our needs. So in every situation that we can experience, the creative awareness is supplying us with what we need, whether we think it is or not. It can’t do otherwise, that isn’t its nature.

Because this is so, all things must be ‘as they should be in that moment’, only we don’t see it that way and we judge it as something good or bad. In the bigger pictures nothing that exists can be judged by us with our human perspective, it doesn’t have good or bad stamped on it when it was created, it was just created. So that leaves us with looking into experiences and events to see what was in it for us, what the Creative Awareness has supplied us with. This applies to all things, even horrifying events that end the lives of many people. We see it as an event with victims and always ask why god allowed this or that. We don’t look and see that Creative Awareness supplied everything needed for those events, fulfilling Our choices, so the ‘victims’ must have been part of the overall plan. And this can lead us to another insight about our roles as co-creators with god.

In the bigger pictures, we have made plans for this life, we made decisions about what we wanted to experience this time, we made contracts with others to co-supply experiences or be a part of events and we included all the options and various choices we wanted to have. We are living those contracts we made and so are the people who we get angry with, as are all the people that we come into contact with. We have contracts with them all, and on a larger scale the same thing applies.

People who have experienced ethnic cleansings and huge disasters, all of them had contracts to be there and do what they did. And Creative Awareness, God, supported our choices because it was gaining experience of its own capabilities and self. In fact, without god providing the means for these events, none of them could happen at all. So how can we judge these people to be victims when they were showing their own innate Big Love for us by choosing to be a part of something that helps others to learn? We forget that the Creative Awareness has helped to bring this for us all, so we can see the bigger pictures as we grow. This is done for us with Big Love, from the Creative Awareness; it is done for us so that we may learn to see more clearly, to grow stronger and more aware in the times ahead.

When we see without the judgments that we make about things, we start to see what I call the bigger pictures. We know that everything happens for a reason, that things happen so we can learn and experience, and that things are created by the Creative Awareness we call God. So then it is up to us to see why things happen, to understand at a deeper level than our fear based, quick judgments, and to see that we are supported with Love, a Big Love. It is important to grasp this concept as it underpins everything in this universe, it is the basis for all experience, all events, all soul choices and we need to ‘get it’ so that we can make more effective choices as we co-create the future.


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