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About Spirit Guides

So much has been written and said about Spirit Guides and Angels, and so much of that is based on various belief-system concepts. What I propose to you is that all of the traditional views are valid up to a point, and that point is the concept’s own boundaries or limitations.

We can go beyond those limits if we have no concepts of what we should experience and discover as our Truth. The Guides I came across over many, many Journeys could be classified, if you had to, into a few groups. The Main Guide being the Higher Self, other guides I call Helpers who have contracts with you to help during certain periods of your life, and those who may be very long term Friends also acting as Guides. You may also be fortunate enough to meet Guides who are representations of Earth’s Energies, such as a manifestation of Gaia, the Mother or other Spirit forms.

Each one you meet is there for a reason and you can communicate easily with them all to remember what you are doing and what you are. Some people will want to include passed-over family members to this list and this is certainly true for some people. Many people are even finding that they may have an alien Guide, even though the concept of ‘Alien’ can be frightening for us in the beginning of our awakening. As you Journey more you will meet many beings from many places who can help you to understand that all types exist in this Universe of ours. Then you will come to know that all of them are great Souls just like You, only they are working from different awareness levels to you and me. They are the same because they were created by the Universe/God/Awareness exactly like us, making them and us the same. Yet we are more than just the same, we are One and the same, manifesting differently because of our choices and needs as Great Souls.

When meeting other Beings and energies in Astral and Soul Journeys it’s a good idea to feel them out before jumping right in. This is not an attempt to scare you, just to remind you that not all the things you meet will have your best interests at heart. So a certain amount of caution is advised. But don’t let this blind you to the many important lessons the not so friendly energies can help us with, because they too are from the same source as you. This is an important part of the process of remembering and growing, as it shines Light into our own dark corners, enabling us to bring together our dual natures and become whole. In a sense, all the Beings you meet are helping you in some form or another to grow stronger and be all that you are, a Great Spirit.

There are many misconceptions about Spirit Guides and what they are ‘supposed’ to do for us. So let’s look at some of these. Firstly, there is nothing that a guide must do for you; helpers have contracts with you but this doesn’t mean that they have to keep pushing when you obviously aren’t the slightest bit interested, etc. So they are not there just for you all the time even though the higher-self does have a degree of awareness in you at all times.

The higher-self guide and some helper-guides will assist you in finding your own memories from previous lives here when you are journeying and working directly with them. The reason for this is to come to know what you are, what paths have brought you to where you are in this life, to experience your connection to all things, and more importantly to understand your personal relationship with the universe/god/awareness. The aim of this process is to help you grow so that you can open up to those higher awareness levels, and then learn how you will operate in this 3D world with higher awareness. It is your path, and you are the one who chose it. It’s the Higher-Self that is the greatest Teacher within you.

The Higher-Self

 A very simple way to look at the Higher-Self is to understand that if it is your higher self, then it must really be what you are, more specifically, it must be you. It’s your higher awareness from your Soul level and so it’s also the huge god-force you represent in your life.

Some people come to understand that what we may call their main Guide is really their own Higher-Self, and not some other entity. The thought that guides must be ‘not-you’ is a very wide spread misconception, and possibly caused by the indoctrination we received as children that let us think we were only little souls on a blink and you might miss it journey to this world. It’s prevented us from coming to know that we are very powerful beings.

This is the important lesson there, we are great Souls, we have the ability to do many things that we have been educated into thinking is impossible. We can remember what we really are by experiencing the connection. When we come to know Our Self, the Higher-Self, then we will begin to see more clearly, to gain a wider view from our two little windows on the world. I was taught that the Higher-Self can if needed, have a number of incarnations on the world at the same time. This may go some way to explaining the connections with Soul Mates, although this may not be the only possible explanation for this as many other variations must also exist in the vastness of our own Universe.

The concept I’m putting across to you is this; you are a powerful being that chose to incarnate here at this time, your physical body is only the contact patch with the three dimensional world. Your body is the smallest part of your being, like a fingertip gently resting on the mouse scroll-wheel. It has the job of moving your awareness around in the 3D and, in co-creation, to supply the means to have experience. It is a wonderful little body but it is not the all that you are, nor the all that you can be. By making direct, conscious connections with your Higher-Self, you will begin to remember what and who you are. You will begin to remember what you are here to do this time; you can remember all the more easily what lives you have led prior to this current one, thereby remembering the lessons in them that brought you to where you are now. You will see and understand why things in the world are the way they are now. You will know that all of it is perfect and necessary for the evolution of the people and the planet. You may even come to see why all these things that we judge as being terrible or horrendous are occurring, and then refrain from passing judgments upon them that will cloud your view again.

Most importantly, this connection will help you to grow and be stronger in the years ahead as you see trends indicating the flow to what will happen. And you will be in touch with your inner Guidance through all of this. Soon you will see that the only limits to what you can experience and choose to do are the ones that you place there in front of you. When you can see that, nothing can prevent you from finishing the chosen tasks you gave to yourself before incarnating here.

Now let’s get down to some specifics about the Higher-Self, what it is and why it is your main spirit guide while you are ‘here’. If we think of it all as levels from the highest to the lowest, it will be easier to understand. Thinking back to the description of entering the world as a Soul, we saw that It too was part of something larger, something I called Oversoul that exists at the higher soul-levels of awareness. It had to diversify itself into smaller and smaller pieces through a variety of awareness levels until it reached the physical vibrations of this world’s reality.

Many readers will already know about what’s called the subtle or energy bodies that make up the human aura. From the physical level, there are about seven recognized levels of awareness ‘above’ that, relating to each of the energy bodies and they are given different names by different belief systems. Some people will rely on actively using their astral energy body to journey and experience higher realms. While this is fine, it also has limitations! The astral body can only journey in the astral levels, so you cannot experience anything beyond that while only using the astral body. Do you see how each level or body is also a box with boundaries, almost like a Russian Doll?

The higher-self is a level of awareness ‘above’ the astral planes of awareness and relates to the highest subtle body; so it’s within reach of everyone’s capability to connect with this force. It plays the role of Spirit Guide, while also being active in other realities, because it knows you intend to awaken and be ‘it’ here. So it is your higher-self and it is your main guide. As your main spirit guide it can be contacted, connected to, communicated with, and eventually merged with. And yes, there are fairly easy ways you can use to make the connections with this massive part of your overall awareness.

A number of years ago I was involved in a small research group and one night we did a meditation to meet our guides. This was a simple little method, using visualization/imagination to get the experience started and it opened up into real experiences for everyone. I ended up talking with my higher-self/guide, which I was already having daily communications with and this made me realize that most people can use this little method to make the initial contact for themselves. From there I modified the basis of this meditation to make it more workable, and so people who use it can get a clearer understanding of the relationship they have with their higher-self in order to open themselves to higher awareness. You will find this meditation in the Methods section .

Source  http://www.simply-spirit.com/about_spirit_guides.php

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