Blue Apples

The ancient stories assure us that stargates are real. They exist. And Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have opened one. The Holy Grail represents the key teaching of the ancient gateways.

In BLUE APPLES, you’ll find the greatest secret of Christianity; its origins with the stargate secrets of the gods of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. According to ancient legend, BLUE APPLES refer to an astounding supernatural power and the key to humanity’s spiritual liberation. Joshua, Moses, Nimrod, Mari, Nebuchadnezzar, Jesus and all the alchemists of old knew the secret of the Blue Apples.

“The Mayans proclaimed that a ‘serpent rope’ will emerge from the galactic center in 2012. Piecing together ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan artwork and symbolism, along with his conversations with today’s best 2012 scholars, William Henry reveals this serpent rope is a wormhole, the long sought “Stargate of the Gods.” You’ll see vivid ancient art portraying this Stargate and understand why it’s the symbol of renewal for our times and for individual selves.

“The human body is an antenna capable of resonating the precious magical substance or tone of the Milky Way.”

Why does this knowledge still remain a secret today? Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry as he presents the untold story of the Blue Apples, and the spiritual teachings of a lost and ancient culture of enlightened beings known as the Anunnaki, or the “Shining Ones.”


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