Ancient Temples… Astral/celestial analogs/portals?

By Wifi

If we could create and travel through stargates and wormholes using sophisticated technology… Would you?

Maybe technology is not at that level of sophistication just yet. It could be that waiting for it to become available is the only thing holding us back. Maybe it has been created already… And is being kept secret, a secret space programme only for the elite?

Maybe it was built thousands of years ago by our ancient ancestors, but obscured throughout history?

Everywhere you look at Göbekli Tepe there is confirmation that its builders shared a sense of connection with the cosmos. From the strange glyphs and ideograms on the various stones, which include symbols resembling the letters C and H, to the twelvefold division of stones in the various enclosures, there is powerful evidence that these 11,000-year-old temples resonate the influence of the celestial heavens.

The H glyphs seem to relate to the shaman’s journey from this world to the otherworld, while the C glyphs are almost certainly slim lunar crescents signifying the transition from one lunar cycle to the next. Even the design of the enclosures appears to have cosmic significance. Invariably the structures are ovoid in shape, with a length to breadth ratio of 5:4, numbers that could hint at the Göbekli builders’ profound awareness of cosmic time cycles not usually thought to have been understood until the age of Plato.

Standing stones erected in the north-northwestern sections of the walls in two key enclosures at Göbekli Tepe bore large holes that framed the setting of Deneb each night, highlighting the star’s significance to the Göbekli builders, and showing the precise direction in which the shaman should access the sky world.


Read more at… … e-built-2/

Interesting, as I was of the impression that many ancient temples were built to represent something in the astral realm. A kind of analog you enter into that has a connection to the astral/mental, the afterlife, and perhaps even the cosmos itself.




The Temple of the Moon is an Inca ceremonial temple on Huayna Pic’chu near Machu Pic’chu, in Peru. The site is made up of stone masonry and an open-face, shallow cave.


In the center of the cave is a throne carved out of rock. Beside the throne are steps that lead deeper into the cave.

Keeping in mind that caves, like springs, were thought to be entrances for gods. … -the-moon/

In lower or black magick, physical symbols are needed to represent or evoke the unseen forces… In higher magick, the only power needed is that of the imagination…

You only live once, death is a illusion.
Could there be a correlation between astral travel and space travel?

NASA… technologically advanced? Or… 4000 yrs behind the ancient Mayans?




You only live once, death is a illusion.
The ancient stories assure us that stargates are real. They exist. And Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have opened one. The Holy Grail represents the key teaching of the ancient gateways.

In BLUE APPLES, you’ll find the greatest secret of Christianity; its origins with the stargate secrets of the gods of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. According to ancient legend, BLUE APPLES refer to an astounding supernatural power and the key to humanity’s spiritual liberation. Joshua, Moses, Nimrod, Mari, Nebuchadnezzar, Jesus and all the alchemists of old knew the secret of the Blue Apples.

The Mayans proclaimed that a ‘serpent rope’ will emerge from the galactic center in 2012. Piecing together ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan artwork and symbolism, along with his conversations with today’s best 2012 scholars, William Henry reveals this serpent rope is a wormhole, the long sought “Stargate of the Gods.” You’ll see vivid ancient art portraying this Stargate and understand why it’s the symbol of renewal for our times and for individual selves.

“The human body is an antenna capable of resonating the precious magical substance or tone of the Milky Way.”

Why does this knowledge still remain a secret today? Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry as he presents the untold story of the Blue Apples, and the spiritual teachings of a lost and ancient culture of enlightened beings known as the Anunnaki, or the “Shining Ones.”





Is sophisticated technology really needed?

Neuroscientist describes her trip… :o

Neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross is a former drug researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, turned medical marijuana and psychedelics advocate. Dr. Ross says she sought out non-neurotoxic, nonaddictive DMT to help her heal from trauma. In this clip, Dr. Ross describes her DMT trip in detail.

Is DMT in narcotic form really needed?

Apparently the brain can produce this, er, substance. :D could these realities be on tap? Further more! Could the supply be cut off? And… Under who’s authority?

Folk lore and legend were/are real. That was our link to the collective consciousness…

What happend? was it replaced with a fake?… for something we are taught is real?

It may be forgotten, but… It’s all right there! on the other side of the seperated/educated mind…

she told me so…. ;)

You only live once, death is a illusion.
” This is about temples being analogs. A kind of auxiliary connection to bigger and better things.

the body is also a temple, it is the REAL temple where GOD resides. Where YOU reside.

You are operating it within this reality,(analog).

Your body/temple enters another temple built to the same proportions only larger… A socket!  ” (Analog)

Hindu temple…


Temples, built to the same proportions as the body/temple would need to “plug” into some thing, that connects to something else…. (Analog]

And so on… upwards and outwards into the cosmos…

Listen carefully to what he says from 52:45 mark when asked “why we were created?”

His answer is the gods honest truth!…

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