HISTORY OF JEWS according to Jewish resouces

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Bible claim the Ancient Israelites descend from Abraham an Arameic who lived in the Aramaeic city of Ur in Iraq

(The Aramaeic Migration in 3000 BC of Semites from Yemen to Iraq and Greater Syria).

The Israelites lived 400 years in Egypt and then lived in Palestine for 400 years and had kingdoms and kings like David and Solomon.

their kingdom was destroyed by Caledeans whose religion was Magusi (Mani or Meda as mentioned in the Bible). Most levites were slaughtered by the Magi.( al Baghdadi)

The Persians destroyed the Caldeans and exterminated their religion (Magus religion-Zoroastrans) and they put extra effert in exterminating the Medai Magi (King Darius institute the killing of the Magi in Mehr-Jan in Octorber the originally the festival of the Magi) (MagoMort celebration every year). Darius the Great identified his monothiest God AhraMazda with the God of the Israelites.

The Magus (Medai, Mandi) become homeless looking for a new home, had posession of the Israelites Bible decided to send one of them by the name Ezra, to prepare a land for them in Palestine under the guise that he is a jew (learning the jewish religion and having the original Bible) (according to al-Baghdadi) .

He altered the bible to fit his agenda to make him look like a hero by trumping the greatness of Jews such as claiming that the Only son of Abraham at the sacrifice was Isaac not Ishmael (a change of 2 letters in the word Isaac).

He changed the arrangement of chapters and and transfered verses and words from place to place, where the Israelites did not memorize) But he could not change the verses well memorized by Israelites such as Deutronomy 18:18 and Shema.
An accomplice with with him was a self proclaimed Nehemiah. Ezra did not claim himself to be a prophet but had Nehemiah a fake prophet back him up ( Nehemeiah and Ezra were both declared false prophets in a document in the Dead Sea Scrolls the works of Jesus christ and the remnant levites in the desert (Zacharais and his son John the Babtist).

After Ezra, The Levite the true leaders of Israelites clashed with the new Magis claiming and impostering as jews who came with Ezra and after him. The Levites asked the Greek ruler to translate the bible into greek so that the followers of Ezra the Magi can not further change the bible). The Greek ruler in Alexandia and Jews from all tribes spent 25 years translating the bible into the LXX Septaguint (the bible in greek using greek letters)

The Levites were expelled by the Ezra Magi followers (Ezra followers now in control of the temple became known as Sadducis). while the levites were shunned to the desert but kept working hard to preserve the bible (unedited), from them came the Righteous Teacher, Zacharais, John the Baptist, Jesus and then James the Just brother of Jesus in adoption). James the Just was assasinated by a Pharaisee named Paul in 66 AD and followers of Jesus spread in the desert in monasteries.

Yet another new group of Jews and Magi took over the Job of the Levites (preserving the bible and interpreting to the Israelites) who were expelled in the desert (egypt and then Qumran in the land of Damascus).

The new group became known as the Pharaisies. Jesus (a jew) claimed the pharaisies the brood of the snake) meaning they were not descendents of the ancient Israelites but Magi from Iraq and Iran( the Caldee and Magi who were destroyed by King darius the Great).

The Pharaisies prevailed over the Israelites but the Israelites were destroyed by the Romans because of the works of those Pharaisees.
Then the pharaisees spread their agnostic teachings among the Jews who were by then the homeless Magi in the Middle East (Iraq Iran)

Now the old persecuted Magi became the Jews and their Magi religion dissimulated in Ezra-Jewish religion that was deserted by its followers (ancient Israelites-destroyed by romans or followed Jesus).

The Sadducees became the Samaritans at odds always with the Talmudic rabbis even they both Magi)
but Samaritans claim that Talmudists altered the Bible far more.

The remains of Ancient Israelites followed Jesus and became the Essenes and then the Christians and some also converted to Islam.

which is written here,,,

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here it is in Ancient Hyroglyph

yup Israel.

the Nation ,,,u know all 12 sons together,,Israel.

Yes there was a 12 tribes Israelites, but where are they now?

My info explains read it again.
The Magi who destroyed Israel kingdoms killed the Levites including the Zadokites (children of Aaron) and took the Bible with them to Babylon.
King Darius the Great exterminated the Magi.
Magi through Ezra first and then bribes took over the religion and became the Zadokites (Saduccies) the other Magi became the Pharaisees.
The Pharaisees got rid of Jesus the true Levite the Messiah prophet of Jews, and then conspired to have the Israelites killed by the Romans.
the leftover of the true Ancient Israelites became christians and then Muslims and they stayed in their country Palestine as they are part of Palestinians now.
Since Bar Kokhba (son of Bitch the true translation of his name, Bar means son Kohba means bitch) however a rabbi (pharaisee from the Magi (non Isdraelite) changed his name to Bar Kokba (son of star). the rebelion by Bar Kohba failed resulting in wide death and starvation among Israelites. The remnants who survived became christians and added to the millions of christians (Ancient Israelites) who were living in Palestine.

Since that time all Jews are children of the Magi and converts from freed slaves by Jewsish merchants (the same rabbis) much like collecting proletaria from around the world. with aim of creating a society of apologist athiest-agnostic magi much like ancient communism).

(the eye shaped like serpant). She took Moses and raised him as her son and taught him well he grew to be a tall leader among the Egyptians. Her plan that Moses will use the Israelites as the new army of the empire while her clan rest as priests. However Moses ran away and decided not to cause death and civil war. so a new tribe took over SethNakht and his son Ramesses the Third. Moses thought of as a great sorcerer from the grandure past of Ramesses the Second (Moses name was Ramesses-Ra-Moses)

The strange sorcerer brought miracles using the snake (of the Widget Priesthood clan) and defeated their magical snakes.
He faced Pharaoh (Ramesses Third).
ramesses Third drawned in the red sea) the rest is known to everyone.

the Wedget Priesthood claimed that the wedge of the eye the lateral wedge of the eye have the power of Magic and most importantly curse, or hurting others just by looking at them sideways (the curse of the eye)
They used Mainly magical treats by making things look like snakes. when Pharaoh challenged Moses (thought of by Egyptians as a Master sorcerer coming back for revenge), he assigned the priests magicians a playground of the Festival (the Great Festival of Egyor still celebrated in Egypt as Al-Layla al-Kabira, the big night).
since Moses had no access to the playghround the the Magicians, when his staff became a snake was a magic, but when his snake ate the other snakes and came back as a staff to his hand and the pieces of stuff on the ground were no where to be found, the priests were shocked and immediately prostrated to Moses proclaiming they worship his God. It is like they saw God, leaving their lives and families and riches behand to be crusified on palm trees.

Moses was the only Egyptian dignitaries whose first name was Moses that of Ra-Moses regal name even Ramesses the Second his first name was not Moses.

He was greatly respected by the populous before he ran away at age 40, He came back at age 80 , 40 yeas after the end of the 19th dynasty ended (that of Great Ramesses The Second). While Moses complained to God that they Egyptians will not understand him because the language changed after 40 years (dialect, new words etc). It was actually his old dialect that scared and mesmorized Pharaoh and his cabin. it was the dialect of the 19th dynasty of their glorious times. Even Ramesses the Third named himself Ramesses after the Glorious Ramesses the Second.

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Ra-Moses the Third Pharoah of Moses on the floor of Egyptan museum naked

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