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Mysteries of Dilmun

By  Kantzveldt of ATS. Dilmun, the land of the living that became as it were the land of the dead, the land of the star and crescent and deepest of mysteries…   Dilmun, sometimes described as “the place where the … Continue reading

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The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases, as Science and Art

Susan Alexjander, M.A. Abstract In 1988 the author and biologist Dr. David Deamer collaborated on a science/art project which consisted of measuring the vibrational frequencies of the four DNA base molecules, translating them into ‘sound,’ programming them into a Yamaha … Continue reading

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The Great Paradigm-Challenging Thread

An interesting post by Rolci at ATS. ” Please do yourself a favour and try to read each line without judgement, with an open mind, and from beginning to end, and see if the pieces off the puzzle make any … Continue reading

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