The Great Paradigm-Challenging Thread

An interesting post by Rolci at ATS.

” Please do yourself a favour and try to read each line without judgement, with an open mind, and from beginning to end, and see if the pieces off the puzzle make any sense to you.

One thing before I start, if you find any new interesting/challenging info here, there is no need to stop and start researching it from scratch, just move on and carry on reading. At the end of this thread I have a long list of source material that you can use when you finish, covering pretty much everything I will say in the next couple of pages, and more. So here we go.

I believe that reincarnation is a fact of life, which can be confirmed by anyone by undergoing a past life regression, noting down checkable facts, and confirming them, as done by decades of research by once-hardcore-skeptic police captain Robert Snow. Further confirmed by the Edgar Cayce readings, which are one of the VERY few sources I rely on 100%. Thank you Edgar Cayce. Also the Scole Experiment. Obviously they indicate the existence of the soul. Not to mention the cases of Near Death Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, Astral Projection, Remote viewing, and so on, although some of these are also indications of the power of the mind, the holographic nature of the universe (which is also confirmed by today’s physicists, like Stanford University’s Leonard Susskind), the illusory nature of time and space, and so on.

I believe human civilization is tens of thousands of years old, as suggested by Gobekli Tepe and Puma Punku, and as described in channeled materials. Also confirmed, again, by Cayce, and his readings on Atlantis, and the Ra Material, which is the truth of the highest order and purity I have found in my entire life. Thank you, L/L Research.

I believe that you create your own reality as described by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret, The Power, and The Magic, by the Laws of Attraction and Gratitude. The methods are further elaborated on in several of Gregg Braden’s seminars, like The Lost Mode of Prayer, The Isaiah Effect, The Divine Matrix, and so on. All he has to say is summarised best, I believe, in an 8-hour workshop called Speaking the Lost Language of God. For illustration I will quote what I consider one of the main points:

“If you unite the right thought (which gives the direction) with the right emotion (which gives the power or impetus) you get the right feeling.

The feeling that allows us to touch the world in our prayer is the feeling that we have knowing that the prayer has already been answered. When we ask that prayer be answered there is a tension that surrounds that. “Please intervene in this situation which I feel powerless of helpless” – there is a tenseness around that. When we feel the feeling as if the prayer is already answered there is a relaxation, an easing, a lessening of that tension.

From this perspective prayer becomes a consciousness that we embody rather than an act that we perform on occasion. Rather than stopping in the middle of our day and saying “Now I’m going to do a prayer, …, OK, my prayer is finished, now I’m going to do something else”, this mode of prayer is a feeling that we can hold in our bodies when we’re driving to work, when we’re dining with our families, when we’re performing our daily routines, life becomes the prayer.”

Much like Byrne’s Law of Attraction.

I believe that there are as many ways of creating your reality as individuals, but the basic principles are mostly as can be found in magick practices. Ultimately it’s whatever works for you – casting, incantations, talismans, spells, visualization, rituals, meditation, prayer, visiting (what yo believe to be) a holy shrine, etc. The key is true, deep and unquestioning faith – at least on the conscious path. There is another path, the path of Love, where the creation of reality will be achieved through what could be referred to as Grace, synchronistically miraculous ways, but that shouldn’t concern anyone here, these individuals are not seekers. You don’t have to be a seeker, or even an “aware” person, to learn the lessons of love and graduate to 4th D, or, as some would say, to ascend.

I believe there is and always has been an alien presence of diverse species each with their own agenda, and that the PTB are in exo-political contact with each of them, as testified by
thousands of researchers, high-ranking military officers, etc. some of whom appear in The Disclosure Project and the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. As part of the CHD Dr. Steven Greer testifies about the way ET technology works using the following words:

“I remember, when I was having dinner with CIA Director Woolsey and his wife, the most insightful question came from Dr. Woolsey, who at the time was Chief Operating Officer of the National Academy of Sciences; she said, “What I want to know is, “How are these civilizations communicating across the vastness of space?” Because your cell phones and radio waves are going at the speed of light.” I said, “Yes, that’s just too slow; the speed of light is way too slow.” I had a gut-check. I said, “Do I tell her the truth and lose all credibility as a scientist and as a doctor, or do I tell her something that sounds scientific, but that’s really not true?” Ever since then, I have vowed that if someone is intelligent enough to ask the question, I will provide the answers as truthfully as I can. So I turned to her, and I said, “Well, Dr. Woolsey, it is like this: it turns out thinking is the best way to travel. The speed of thought is not quantifiable. However, when you start getting into the new physics that have been done, where you have the ability to teleport across vast distances instantly, and this has been done with particles, but we’re talking about civilizations that can do it with entire spacecraft and occupants; you’re dealing with an entirely new physics. But their communication devices and their own innate abilities allow for thought-actuated events.”

This testimony further confirms the creative power of the mind, an ability species near and far across the universe are using as the most natural thing in the world, but we here on Earth have been brainwashed into believing (!) not to be true by the few who are aware of it but need the rest to be powerless for easy manipulation.

I believe that the PTB have been in possession of ET technology for decades at least, and if it were shared with the rest of humanity, wars, diseases, poverty, etc. would all be history.

I believe the media are manipulated in different ways to hide the truth from the public, and to only provide non-consequential material designed to keep us entertained (sedated).

I believe that Coral Castle was built the same way as the buildings at Cusco, Tihuanaco, Ollantaytambo and Puma Punku, and that Ed Leedskalnin built it the same way that the pyramids were built. Using the power of the mind, imbued with Love and Gratitude, possibly with a form of creative visualisation. (Or, if you are more down-to-earth, at least a Free Energy device.) At any rate, he said that the castle was, and I quote, “a labour of love”.

I believe that by learning to discipline the mind it is possible to contact extra-terrestrial civilizations, as described in the Sirius Movie under the CE-5 Initiative. The tools necessary for the mind are Coherent Thought Sequencing and a guided meditation.

I believe breatharianism is attainable by anyone, as described in No Way to Heaven, and as testified by Michael Werner in In the Beginning There Was Light. English subtitles for the latter are hard to find, I can upload it if anyone interested.

I believe that faith and belief can heal anything, which can manifest in different ways, like prayers healing cancerous tumours (well illustrated by the medicineless hospitatls of China, on which I have opened a separate topic a while ago), or simply undergoing psychic surgery. A well-proven evidence is the status of the placebo effect in modern science as fact, and the employment of Craniosacral Therapists. The British NHS website contains information on not only the placebo-effect but also on how chemotherapy increases cancerous cells’ resistance to treatment as described at ance.html . The words the NHS uses are as follows: “This interesting research has identified a way in which cancer treatment resistance may be induced by the effects of the cancer treatment itself on the cells surrounding the tumour.” And where it talks about the placebo effect the following words are used: “The placebo effect is about the power of the mind to influence the body.” and “The placebo effect is an example of how our expectations and beliefs can cause real change in our physical bodies.” Now if the mind can do this to the body, I don’t see how that should be the ultimate limit of its powers. How about another person’s body? (Praying for others, sending Love/Light, etc.) Pets? Animals? Objects? (Girls and women lifting multi-ton cars to save trapped dads and husbands.) Is there a limit? What would it be and why that?

I believe that anyone can phase out of this reality like Diderici did. Although I’m not sure what the trick is, it might be that it can only happen accidentally as in the case of the Green children of Woolpit and the Green children of Banjos. But then we have events like the Philadelphia Experiment, so who knows?

I believe anyone can learn to fly like D. D. Home did.

I believe that the reason Psychedelics, most importantly ‘___’ and psylocibin, are illegal is because they expand your consciousness, open your eyes, and make you question the current establishment. The way they seem to work is they only show you what you’re ready for, never too much, always pushing the boundaries just a little further. I wish the people could overcome the decades of brainwashing about drugs, and start taking responsibility for their own lives as adults do, and emerge from the civic adolescence we are in, as explained by US senator Mike Gravel at the Citizen Hearing.

I believe that any and all knowledge is available to anyone and can be accessed as Edgar Cayce demonstrated throughout his lifetime.

I believe that a great amount of this knowledge, which has been acquired in previous incarnations, not only can be accessed, but is, in fact, stored in our memory (possibly a non-physical portion of it), which can then be tapped or can surface involuntarily, giving rise to the phenomenon of Acquired Savant Syndrome, where people involved in accidents inexplicably start exhibiting new artistic, mathematical, linguistic, etc. skills, abilities and knowledge. This begs the question: Are savants biologically different from the rest of us, or are we all savants pretending to be stupid?

I believe that you can create anything with magic-imbued belief.

I believe that all the above knowledge existed in the Alexandrian library, which is why the Powers That Were destroyed it. Their methods of enslavement included keeping the masses in the dark and keeping knowledge, technology, etc. to themselves. This is to change as they are realizing that a higher form of enslavement is accomplished by controlling individuals WITH access to knowledge and technology, not infringing their free will, as 4th density negatives do by practising psychic attack.

I believe that there is a big picture that all the above and way more fit in, that would take a long time to explain and hard to convey in words. Let’s oversimplify and put it like this:

You are (a splinter of) God, and all-powerful creator, and there are those that want to keep this knowledge from you so they can use you for their own purposes. I like the way Terence McKenna puts it: You’re either a planner, or a plannee.

P. S.: I did not mention anything about synchronicity, maybe I should have, it’s probably a way of the universe of telling you you’re doing something right. I first heard about synchronicity in James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy, which I read about 8 years ago. Yesterday started composing this topic. I felt this was going to be a great work, so I had all the enthusiasm I could have. I went to work (I work as a cashier at the moment). I handle a lot of money, thousands of £s each day. Sometimes some of the notes have something written on them with a pen, usually a number. The day I started composing this topic and had most of the points outlined, I was given a £10 note at work that had written on it in what looked like strong bold letters “Be true to yourself”. I sounds similar to “know yourself”, but maybe goes further, knowing is ok but not enough, you should reflect this knowledge in your every thought, word and deed. Maybe that’s the key for a successful creation process.

As a final thought I would like to add a quote here and then add to it a thought of mine, that should summarize what I intended this topic to be all about:
“The incarnating entity which has become conscious of the incarnative process and thus programs its own experience may choose the amount of catalyst or, to phrase this differently, the number of lessons which it will undertake to experience and to learn from in one incarnation. This does not mean that all is predestined, but rather that there are invisible guidelines shaping events which will function according to this programming. Thus if one opportunity is missed another will appear until the, shall we say, student of the life experience grasps that a lesson is being offered and undertakes to learn it.”
The stress is on the first sentence. To enhance understanding, I will use a second quote:
“Firstly, there are those directly under the Guardians who are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically, that is, without conscious self-awareness of the process of spiritual evolution. You may call these beings angelic if you prefer. They are, shall we say, “local” or of your planetary sphere. … When the entity becomes aware in its mind/body/spirit complex totality of the mechanism for spiritual evolution it, itself, will arrange and place those lessons and entities necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the incarnative experience before the forgetting process occurs. The only disadvantage of this total free will of those senior entities choosing the manner of incarnation experiences is that some entities attempt to learn so much during one incarnative experience that the intensity of catalyst disarranges the polarized entity and the experience thus is not maximally useful as intended.”

And my commentary: I believe that, just like an awareness of the incarnative process is necessary to override automatic planning of the next incarnation, so one must realize their own god-like nature and become aware of the power we each harbour regarding our ability to create our own reality. Until such awareness is attained, one still creates their own reality, only subconsciously, feeling, as a result, powerless, not in control, subject to the tides and waves of the ocean of life. However, I believe in the case of consciously creating our own reality it is not sufficient to become aware of the process. It is imperative that you KNOW what you want to create, and WHY you want to create it, which should relate to the goals set by the soul as part of planning the incarnation, all the while keeping in mind the Laws of Attraction and Gratitude, and utilizing tools like Creative Visualization. The ultimate secret is the well-known but little-understood “KNOW YOURSELF”. So you see, it’s no good saying “I want a Ferrari”, because the truth is, you don’t WANT a Ferrari. You THINK you want a Ferrari, because you do not KNOW yourself. Once you know yourself you will know the things you have learned, and you will know your weak points, things you still need to work on. Then you can plan your life consciously, for which you can choose your own path, which might or might not include ownership of a Ferrari. But if it does, it will not be to enjoy the speed or save time travelling or to show off, unless your genuine goal is to show yourself the pointlessness of showing off. I hope I made sense here, sorry if I disillusioned anyone, but then again, it’s your fault, you synchronistically attracted this topic into your life as part of your creating your own reality. Now it’s up to you to figure out the reason. Good luck.

Some sources:

The Ra Material:…

Past life memories from brain trauma:…………………

Past life memories WITHOUT brain trauma:………………


Cancer conspiracy:…………


Craniosacral Therapy:……=671 16:20-18:10 This is a clinic in Austria that has a 100% (!) success rate and where CT is practised routinely. Possibly for a reason.

Prayer dissolving cancerous tumour:…


We all have unlimited talents:…

Coral Castle:

intro:… and 2 subsequent parts
best info:… and 10 subsequent parts

Alternative history:………

The media are manipulated:…

UFO Cover-up:……

The complete Citizen Hearing:…

CE-5 Initiative:…

The World As Hologram:…

Speaking the Lost Language of God:

Sorry, I don’t think you will find it on torrent with seeders, you can buy it on Amazon or I can upload if someone knows a good storage site, although stuff like this deserves to be paid for.

Also I recommend the following 2-part movie:……

Further videos:

The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement:……………

and finally:…

Recommended books:

Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God trilogy, and 6 subsequent books – the second purest truth I have found
Jess Stearn: Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet
Rhonda Byrne: The Secret; The Power; The Magic
Jane Roberts – Seth Speaks
David Icke – Children Of The Matrix

Further reading:

Book Of Chuang Tzu (Tao Te Ching)
The Urantia Papers

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