Basic Meditation Guide

And this thread is for anyone so please share and add any info and techniques. It seems more and more people are getting into self awareness and meditation practices.

There are a couple of basics when it comes to meditating.

Keeping the spine straight and erect


Focusing the mind or calming the mind of random or excessive thoughts.

Energy Travels up and down the spine, Keeping this straight will allow for the flow of energy and circulation throughout your body while meditating
This is why you will see Buddhist and other meditative poses with the spine straight. You can either sit up or lay down. as long as the spine is straight.

Breathing is one of the most important components to meditating.
There are diff forms of breathing or pranayama breathing.…

Some techniques have you Breath in, Hold, Breath out, Hold for a count. Sometimes the count is 4-6-4-6 or and even count 6-6-6-6 or 2-6-2-6
All have different results. Some get you into a more relaxed state of mind while others get the prana or chi flowing and active.

Some practices have you breathe in through your nose. Hold. Breathe out of your mouth. Hold. Repeat.

Some have you breathe in through the nose. Hold. Breathe out the nose. Hold repeat

And some have your breath in through your mouth and out through your nose.

As you can see there are different forms of breathing exercises.…
Here is just one but he has a whole series of exercises you can look through.

But basically what breathing does is to focus your mind. Putting your attention into your breathing technique and pattern will clear your mind and make meditating a lot easier.
As well as oxygenating the blood and slowing down the heart rate, calming the nervous system there are many other benefits to breathing exercises.

Focusing and Clearing the mind.

How many ideas and thoughts are running through your head at any given time? Money, car, clothes, women, alcohol, food, fitness you name it.
In our daily life’s we are over stimulated with the constant sensory overload of our technology and lifestyle.

Focusing upon an object, a single thought, a color whatever it maybe will allow unnecessary or random thoughts to dispel. By focusing or clearing the mind we let go of thoughts that are either unnecessary or negative to our overall being. Getting rid of the junk in the mind will help and allow us to be more focused in our thoughts and help us understand what is really important to us.
We are bombarded with subliminal messages of the like, so do you really want that pair of new designer shoes? a Big Mac? That new Watch? or do you only think you want it?

People who meditate are often calmer, can handle higher levels of stress, are more direct and focused in their desires and way more in tune with their true self. They often see things through a different light than they once had before.

Meditating is not hard, just it takes a little practice to letting go of the mind. The mind has a mind of its own so just experiencing and not thinking is challenging.

Some key points when it comes to meditating.

Location Location Location.

Meditating in downtown NY or LA during rush hour is not an ideal setting. Yes you can do it just there are better options.

Nature is IMO one of the best places to meditate. Now there would be some places even in nature you would not want to meditate, say for ley lines that layed in a negative area or a negative vortex. But you can feel it out. If it feels safe and a secure place to meditate, it most likely is.

Your Room or your sacred space. This is my fav and may be yours as well depending upon the situation.

Lets take into consideration the state of your room. Is it a mess, cluttered, filthy, smelly? This is not going to provide an ideal meditative space. The order and cleanliness and overall feel of the room will often dictate how you will feel when you meditate. This is especially important for beginners. Basically you are trying to set the mood, so candles, incense, calm music etc… puts you in a different state of mind.

Electronics. I would recommend keeping this to a minimum. This maybe my opinion but electronics put off frequencies that interact with our brain, and other sensory organs. Turning off your phone so you won’t be distracted, or turning the lights off to set the mood, or turning off a buzzing computer monitor or tv screen all have in impact on you and your being. Getting rid of as much outside influence and closer to a more natural state helps imo when it comes to meditating.

Now you don’t need to buy a crystal, or a candle or some geometrical design to start meditating. The power is within the mind. Things like Candles, Incenses etc.. help and enhance but the true power lies within.

Getting Started. Clean and clear your space or find a nice place in nature where you will not be disturbed. When getting into the deeper levels of meditation and relaxation it is vital one is not disturbed. It can be like being thrown into a scary environment unprepared. Taking baby steps into the deeper levels of meditation will ensure a positive outcome.

Turn yourself off to the world. You must be committed to meditating and unavailable to anyone else for a brief time.

Close your eyes.

Focus upon your breathing. Pay attention to how long you are breathing in, holding and breathing out etc… This will calm your heart and mind down at the same time. You should feel your heart rate drop after a little while.

Now Imagine the Color Pink in your mind.

Imagine being engulfed in soft pink energy, Picture yourself laying in stream of pink. Yes I said Pink, this is a very emotionally calming and loving color and is great for people who are just starting to meditate. But if your ego is that much you can go with a deep blue.

Focus and feel upon the energy of pink for a few minutes.

After take notice on your mood and how you feel. If you did it properly you should definitely notice a change in your mood and attitude.

As you can see there are many colors you could meditate on. And there are many other objects you could meditate upon. Picturing yourself on a peaceful lake, Or at a Tropical Beach, Or around a Campfire. You can also do The Planets. I like to do the Sun and the Moon. I just Imagine I’m swimming on the surface of them absorbing their energies and being filled with positive powerful energy.

You can meditate on the mind, the Aura, chakras, soul as well as many other things. Meditation goes by feel. You should feel the effects to know that it is working.



 Some use the “Nam Myho Renge Kyo” chant/mantra for  formal mediation for adherents of Nichirin Buddhism. It is said to be a very powerful technique.…

and for ZEN practice.…

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