In Plain Sight – Brilliant Truth –

By Egyptia at ATS
Vital Insights – Must Watch All Videos


This is from a high initiate sourced person. It is written cryptically on purpose.

We have a short time before the WAVE hits fully so in the interim many are waking up……..and many more will not only wake up but evolve.

Have we been so conditioned that we cannot even see the circumnavigating entrapment’s that are literally before our eyes.

I want to describe these videos and their content but honestly this is an impossibility considering the content and it’s depth.

We are surrounded by our enslavement in plain sight in our words, geometry, LANGUAGE, frequencies, astrology, numerology, commerce/sea, soul vs Spirit, world/whirled, hue-mans, Sigils, RA, Fake Gods pumping out more kin for SIN, Horse Analogy – huge in displaying the agenda, programming, matrix, ALIEN WHITE LIGHT – parents or “pair that rents” give ‘ewe’ a name because you will be a nice sheep and battery slave.

All Terror is born of the Moon – The Moon Gods that Eat Us

The Moon Gods that eat us……………. horse of Babylon womb matrix – horse – sea man – We are birthed on the shoreline of Sea man X and given liberty NOT FREEDOM. It is a short shore leave from Naval Duty – All Naval Crew are called Seamen. How are we connected to the Naval Matrix because we are a Sea Man and Sea woman who has reached shore through shore/seaman or semen- with Semen – Sexual Rebirth Copulation breeding their daily breed for them or newborn living fetus as in FEED US – This is the womb matrix not the naval matrix

Garden of Eden or Garden of Eaten.

We are food of the gods by constantly getting us to breed their daily bread is humanities bread or fetus………meaning feed us.

We are foods for the gods that are constantly getting us to feed them . The gods can’t use us as (placenta) battery energy and eat us at the same time. We are IN Service of the Gods…………..serve X. X- tension battery reality = Satan

False Light representation in death……………..seduces people to view life after death.

If you desire to become awakened, then these videos are Vital…………

All Terror is born of the Moon – The Moon Gods that Eat Us

Nothing is as it seems.

The knowledge in the videos is incredible…..

This information blows the agenda in trappings wide open in revelation through excavation. Everything is hidden in plain sight so much so that no one pays attention or even ascertains the true condition of our enslavement. The clues contained as to the condition of our imprisonment are becoming impossible to miss.

The serum of this bloodline is key.

We are battery slaves…………..for the Moon gods and the secret of our electrical existence is held against us in knowledge . Plan E T (planet)

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