All of the Prophets claim One will come to Bring the World Together In a New Age, I am here

By sacgamer25 at ATS.
I know what I claim is either a miracle or crazy, I am not crazy though. So I ask you to read a little, and then read a little more. Over the course of the next few hours I will be posting the Interpretation of the New Testament that will reconcile the OT, NT and Koran as predicted by all three testimonies.

In many of the sacred texts, from all the religions, you can find a message about a time when men will come to the same faith. In each of the sacred texts that proclaim that such a time will come, they also tell the believers that the one who comes must believe in the words of the Prophet whom the words in the book come from. I am the one who believes in the words of all the Prophets, and through faith and prayer have received the gift to interpret and assemble the pieces of the puzzle.

The following religions can all be combined into one faith through a correct understanding and interpretation of the complex puzzles of metaphors, parables, laws and rituals that exist in the sacred texts. Zoroaster, Hindu, Buddha, Moses, Mohammad, Plato, and Egypt; these are the seven churches that teach the Light and Christ is the Light.

Native American spirituality and the Sikh religion also contain prophecies that are being fulfilled today and should be considered inspired by the Light. The I-Ching, Tibetten Book of the Dead and many other texts should also be considered sacred and written by those who were instructed by the Light. In time I will explain how each of the texts fit the puzzle.

The philosophy of the Mind, Body and Spirit, can be found in God, Son, the Holy Spirit, where the three are at one. The religious texts recognize the Spirit is the same in all men, and it is is Light, Love and perfection within you. When you understand that perfection lives in you, then you will set your mind on perfection. When your mind is on perfection, your mind, body and soul will be one. As God is one with himself, you must become one with your perfect self, Christ In you. The Body is weak, but if the mind lead by Divine Perfection, one can overcome all things.

How does Plato fit? Plato Complete Works – The Character Socrates claims divine inspiration that comes from a book.

Cratylus 405b Apollo – “the purifying god who washes away such evil impurities and releases us from them” 405C “The Washer”, 405d “Apollo is the god who directs the harmony, and makes all things move together”

Republic X Plato is predicting prophets to come, but he places emphases on the 20th prophet that chose the soul of a lion (Christ in the OT).

“620b The twentieth soul chooses the life of a lion, This was the soul of Ajax, son of Telamon. He avoided human life because he remembered the judgment about the armor.” Note 14 – “Ajax is a great Homeric hero. He thought that he deserved to be awarded the armor of the dead Achilles, but instead it went to Odysseus.” (What Plato is predicting is the lion who would avoid human life (Sin) Christ, who is the Spirit of Israel would come, and that all would think the kingdom would become his, but the kingdom would actually come later by Odysseus, who is one that would be lead into sin by his daemon/flesh. I am that sinner who Plato called Odysseus. In the summary of Revelation, you will see how Plato fits into the message of the seven churches)

The prophecy in the bible proclaims that soon after Jesus died his message would be lost. That a group of men would literally kill everyone that held to the truth. The bible also claims that these men would form a church and teach a false message based on the Gospel. The Koran tells us that these men claim to be Jewish but secretly follow Egypt, as can be understood by the Egyptian Obliques in front of the Vatican, In Europe, and in the USA. Plato says that magicians have been convincing the wealthy of their Godly power and corrupting religion since at least 400 BC.

The magicians in the past used hypnoses, slight of hand, hallucinogenic plants, poisonous plants, gun powder and other chemical mixtures. In essence the magicians of the past called science magic, and were able to become very powerful with their deceptions.

You must understand that Babylon is made up of three parts, three frogs, the great city divided into 3 parts. The Builder, The Pagan, and The Magician.

The Builder, The Freemason. He believes he is a free thinker and is building a better world. They justify pyramid theology where one man is superior to another based on will. They are prone to believe that God is distant and it is man’s responsibility to subdue other men. Knowingly or Unknowingly, they work for the magician because the magician is also the Banker.

The Pagan, Pagans believe that God or God’s can be pleased by ritual. Pagans believe that men are born in a fallen state and that most bad things are punishments that come from God. They believe in “Secret Knowledge”. Every religion on earth where the teacher proclaims you must follow me in order to know salvation is Pagan. Pagan’s except pyramid theology, excepting that one man is more godly than another. Knowingly or Unknowingly, they work for the magician because the magician is also the one who corrupted the interpretations.

The bible says the Holy Spirit lives within you and can teach you all things. And Love itself can teach you all things. Anyone who says come to me and give me your money for my secret salvation is selling you a secret known only to himself.

Mathew 7 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ – Today this prophecy is being made true.

The Magician, In the past the sacred texts accuse the magician of human sacrifice in search for demonic power. You should assume that the magician is still in search of demonic power. He cares nothing for you, nor can he. He has purposely put himself in a divine war giving up his soul for power. I do not know if the scriptures that talk about the magicians sacrifice of his own children, or other ritual human sacrifice is literal or spiritual. I fear these things are still really happening but I pray that the magician is only guilty of spiritually sacrificing his children to worship sin. I make no accusation against anyone.

The magician has become the banker in today’s modern world. They pull the magic trick of making money appear out of thin air, and then becoming insanely wealthy with this Magic Money, known as private fractional reserve banking.

The bible says that Jesus was tempted by everything common to man. The night before the crucifixion, his sweat dropped as thick as drops of blood, Jesus had a panic attack, an emotion that would be common for any man who was about to sacrifice his life on the cross, for his brothers.

The texts do not say that the one who can interpret has come as a martyr, but in my flesh I am scared.

I have searched the texts, my heart, my mind and prayed many prayers but I am still perplexed. The claims made about me in the texts, I fear their no way that I could live up to. I was a sinful man for 37 years, I make no claim to being deserving of this gift that I have been given. So I ask myself, Why me?

And there is only one answer. Perfect faith. Jesus was sent to fulfill a law that was created so that no man could fulfill it besides himself. He was the only man who was ever perfect in the flesh, without sin. But this covenant was not about perfection in the flesh, rather it was stated that all would be called sinners.

This covenant was about Perfect Faith. Faith to believe that if a man claimed to be the Son of God, and his claim was valid, than every word in that book should be Supernaturally maintained. Man cannot disrupt God’s plan, because man is God’s plan.

The bible, The dead sea scrolls, The Gnostic texts and the other historical reports all proclaim the Gospel of a man who walked the Earth and was followed by many. The message itself proves that the teaching is Enlightening. For the teaching to Enlighten, the teacher had to be Enlightened, for any to be truly In the Light they must be speaking the truth.

For according to the scriptures themselves the Enlightened do no Lie, they do not Promise salvation to anyone. Except of Course Jesus Christ, who promised salvation to everyone and claimed to be the Light. Since his teaching Enlightens we must assume that he was enlightened, and therefore he was not Lying.

The Enlightened teach that salvation comes only through a personal connection to the Light within, and this is only found when one follows the path of the Enlightened Prophets who came before. What is that path? Faith. And who is the Light, Jesus Christ.

I am here interpret. The text make it clear that I have no powers. I cannot baptize you in water, I cannot lay my hand on you, there is no ritual that I have to perform that will save you, except the ritual of sacrificing myself for humanity. I can only warn about the judgment that is coming.

Since it will be impossible to read the interpretation without judging yourself, at least in part, today is the day of judgment for anyone who reads these words. But when the seventh seal is opened and the path to Light has been shut off, their will be nothing I can do to help you.

I can’t claim to understand what happens next. I cannot see the future, I only know what the words in the books say. And what is still unclear to me must remain unclear for you. Whatever judgment awaits, on the other side of tribulation is the age of Light.

I have put my words for you together in 2 play lists. The first play list is for today, I call it Grace. The second play list I will give to the world when the time is right. Grace before Judgment.


Link to Playlist

I ask to remain Anonymous. If anyone knows, or thinks you know who Sacgamer25 please keep it to yourself. I am not expecting to remain anonymous to the ones who have been waiting for me, but I do think I should remain anonymous to the public for a short time. I do not know if this prayer will be granted me, but I believe I have a right to remain anonymous until I can see the worlds reaction.

I am scared. If you want to help and you believe that I am who I claim, pay it forward. Share ATS with the world. This is where I came for Enlightenment so it seems only right for the rest of the world to learn about Babylon from ATS, the society behind society.

The bible says I will find 2 angels. I am not prophesying that the two men I call out will be those two angles, but by their words I am judging that might be.

A message to the Pope. I listen to your words and I believe you are a loving man. I do not understand what is in your heart, or how God works. I cannot pass any judgment on you as a man. But I do have this judgment to pass on Babylon. I ask you this question. Do you have the supreme authority on earth to be the one man who has a right to speak on behalf of God?

Even I make no such claim, although the gift of interpretation is certain.

It is my understanding, that through faith, all men can know the truth that comes from within, including interpretation. Do you have the mind of God, are you the only one that knows? Is your interpretation the only path to God? Will you stand opposed to the light and continue to stand in the way of God’s other Prophets? I pray you have the strength to walk away. One act of unconditional love is enough to cover a multitude of sins.

To Vladimir Putin. I am not here to judge anyone for their past, I make no claim to your innocence or guilt, we are all sinners. I have been reading your words a lot lately. You know history, the prophecies agree with you. Expose what you know as far back as you can, and I will verify that you speak the truth. I know Babylon, and I know you are not innocent, but your words ring true in my heart.

One more thing. I would like to suggest a symbol for unity. It is in the design of the Native American Dream Cather, with a 7 interwoven into the middle of the design. What it symbolizes is the catching of all Light that can be found in all the world, but the recognition that 7 prophets came to teach One message, the message of the one man, Christ Jesus. The Circle is the source of Light and where all Light returns. The One Light Christ Jesus.

Here is a Link to Religious Threads I have created. Anything before 2014 was done while I was still learning, please take with a grain of salt. If you search through the more recent posts you will find the rest of my philosophy, along with interpretations of various disputed passages and concepts found in the other religions.

Placeholders for Links…..

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Hebrews – will provide at a later time
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2nd John *****
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Summary of Revelation, Some parts I am uncertain on, but I have interpreted according to the best understanding that I can at this point *****

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