Awaken Your Consciousness -Open Your Minds!

Take some time and watch each video.


Illusions Of the Brain!…


Open Your Minds!…

Consciousness from the Observer!…

Thought Provoking!…

Do you Really See All—More Subliminal programs/illusions!…

The Game Of LIfe:…

It’s never what you experience but how you choose to perceive that experience.
Positive mind/attitude de-enhances negative experience. Always use inner feelings of consciousness to guide/direct you -never the mind which in itself is another illusion. The game of life which is merely a disciplinary school/learning experience is being played out for each individual on earth on many levels, every individual perceives and experiences life specifically for that particular soul test. We are here to make weakness’s become strengths, overcome our fears, choose right from wrong and experience both good, bad, dark/light, positive/negative. All things have a reason/purpose and there is nothing left unknown/unseen, there are no accidents or coincidences only from human perspective.

Everything that takes place has a higher unseen/reason purpose unknown/unseen/unrealized. Each individual/soul is being tested on incomprehensible levels, everything you see, taste, touch, feel, smell, experience is being continually recorded/monitored/burned as a light/spirit DVD in real-time 3D that can be reenacted, re-lived, experienced, seen, felt known/shared by all. There is no such thing as something hidden or secret, all things are known and seen by the designers/creators/teachers of this universe. Live life to it’s fullest, never waste an opportunity to share, understand that all material things are temporal and meaningless, never set your heart upon such things but seek that which is of consciousness and eternal.

Every individual choice/action has a law of consequence to match that action, the law of harvest (Reap what you sow) whether now or at a later date there are always repercussions. Time is merely illusion/a program within the brain running Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock! Some may be living in the past while others in the present and others future all simultaneously. A time line is a myth-illusion, you are living as part of that myth-illusion. When you wake up everything you lived/experienced and thought the universe to be will be nothing more than a dream as if you programmed a virtual 3D reality experience called life on a laptop and uploaded your soul/consciousness into that program to experience it. Wake up and face yourself, get a grade to your own test!

The only thing that counts is what’s on the inside not on the out. Death is only a word created by human finite minds to understand the absence of what we consider to be life. Death does not exist only from human perspective/perception. Once humanity reaches a higher state of consciousness it will understand and change the meaning. The word death really should be recess or spring break because school is temporarily out and it’s much nicer when you take a vacation from this dimensional reality we call earth so why even worry. You will awake as if it was all another dream in a reality much more real than this one that you are very familiar with. (That is much closer to home, everyone has uncountable family they cannot begin to imagine waiting on the other side.)

True happiness is so much greater than anything that can ever be fully experienced within this lifetime.Everyone comes with an expiration date! For those who carry much on their shoulders consider hitting the spiritual gym, release the weight, guilt, shame, envy, hate, jealousy, pride, ego whatever it is you have –set spiritual goals for yourself. It’s the inside that count’s, you are not the person you see in the mirror! You look nothing like what you see yourself to be on the other side. All souls are nothing but light/intelligence/energy, the matter/physical form you perceive yourself to be is an illusion. You are light and consciousness that is individual intelligence made up of infinite-incomprehensible energy!

Ask yourself within where do I hurt, what makes me angry, what gets me upset/emotional, what do I regret, have you forgiven everyone, have you told them you forgive them, have you released all that energy and emotion from past memories yet? If you haven’t then start working on it, things are not easy for those who start to face some of these things for a first time but it’s a start and you will start to feel the weight, and bricks come flying off your shoulders if you do. You will have never felt better when your finished and you must maintain that feeling by not allowing other things to build up inside. Watch your thoughts, deeds/actions (always)! Use some of this information as clean up software to re-format the hard-drive/mind. Rid yourself of the many virus’s holding you back from your true potential- become an anti-virus program watching every thought, deed/action (continually) Stay focused consciously on things that are priority/important and eternal not superficial/artificial/temporal. Take control of your life, make things better for yourself and those you love with positive intent/energy creating positive perception/outlook. Open your eyes/minds today and view/experience your life differently.

Never lie, cheat, steal, deceive- closely listen and stay in tune to what your soul consciousness within yourself tells you. DO what you feel is right, don’t always use your physical mind to make decisions but use your inner feelings.(Most of what you feel inside when it comes to important decisions is being given/inspired to you from elsewhere, everyone is being guided/directed by something/someone and sometimes that guide is your other higher/self not of this world.) I think everyone gets the point and most of this stuff everyone deep down inside already knows.Most importantly pass the test you came here to take in the first place! No regrets, no shame, no guilt knowing you are on the right path!

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