“The merkaba is perhaps one of the most accurate representations humanity has of divine energy. It spins, it flows, it grows in all directions at all times. It balances and harmonizes, and takes you where you want to be, into the life you are wanting. It does this both in the physical and the spiritual dimensions: yes, you can actually travel with the merkaba. Or you can use it to become who you want to be. The merkaba is the infinite circulating flow of the divine trinity and the four directions, the four elements. It is all, all at once.” ~ Eden


A merkaba is a star tetrahedron, a three dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other down. It harmonizes male and female energy, much like a Yin/Yang symbol. The star of David is a two dimensional version of a merkaba, and was reputed to have been painted on the shields of the armies of King David as a symbol of divine protection. The merkaba does, in fact, step down source energy into the physical and is a representational invocation of “as above, so below”. The pyramid pointing upwards connects us to heavenly universal energy and represents yang, positive energy flows. The pyramid pointing downward connects to the earth and resonates with yin, negative energy flows.

The merkaba is emblematic of the greater energy field that surrounds our body beyond our field auric field. Most people who can view auras see them as a diffuse egg-shaped color field around our body that changes colors and ranges in size from 6-36 inches. Beyond our Aura we have the etheric field, and further out we have an immense energy field, reputed to grow up to 55 feet across and saucer-shapped when it is fully energized: our Merkaba, our light body. A properly functioning Merkaba field is not static, but comprised of the two tetrahedrons spinning incredibly fast in opposite directions, creating a light body that is capable of great feats, including interdimensional and interstellar travel.

Merkabas are believed to be the same divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. It is thought by many that the “chariots of fire” mentioned in the bible are these same vehicles. Mer-Ka-Ba literally means light-spirit-body in Hebrew, denoting the harmonious activation of the three fields. When your Merkaba is active you are tapped in to all Source energy and locked into the Earth’s living matrix. Your DNA is fully turned on and the potentional for immortality and time travel are there. Your soul excels. Your body heals itself and you have the potential for limitless creation.


Your merkaba is in constant communication and connection with all of Source. It is your creative matrix that allows you to combine your soul intention with the spark of god-energy and literally create your reality however you want. Like a crystal, it can be programmed through meditation and by setting your intention. All that is required is for your merkaba to be actively spinning, which is done through breathing exercises and habit, and by simply instructing your merkaba as to what you want it to do. You are the only one on earth who can work with or program your merkaba. No other human or healer may influence the programming of your merkaba, although a healer may work on your breathwork and energy patterning to help facilitate merkaba activation.

Most people choose to pattern their merkabas in one of two ways: active or reactive. Active programming is very yang in energy, task specific, detailed and proactive: if there is negative energy in a room emanating from a person or geopathic stress, you can program your merkaba to deflect it. If you are wanting a specific job, your merkaba can reach into the energy matrix of the Earth and help conspire to create this specific reality. Reactive, female patterning is more reactive and open than the active patterning, it tends to use overarching instructions such as “I program my merkaba to flow with ease in this physical earth reality and to see that all my needs and desires are fulfilled for the highest good of all involved.” There is less judgment of specific situations and more acceptance and anticipation of the synchronicity. Neutral programming is the way of the Tao, neither reactive nor proactive, it simply is. Situations come and go with equal lack of prejudice or preference. This sort of programming is common in those pursuing a monastic life.

A Meditation with Your Merkaba:

Sit or lie down, close your eyes and settle your mind.

First let us see the tetrahedrons surrounding your body: the male pyramid points upwards and begins at your knees, extending several feet above your head. The female pyramid extends downwards from your shoulders and reaches several feet below your own feet. Are your pyramids spinning? Let us activate them now so that each pyramid spins in a different direction – the male pyramid spins from left to right around your body, and the female pyramid spins from right to left around your body. Together, they energize your meridians more fully. As they spin, see them create a light field around your body, growing larger and larger in a saucer like shape expanded by the centrifugal force of the merkaba.

Breathe in, and out, in and out, a circular pattern that further fuels your merkaba.
Now think about abou how you, personally, would like to pattern your merkaba. How will you put your personal computer to work for you? Take some time to focus your attention on the matter, and set your intention with your merkaba now.

Know that whatever you have intended, your merkaba is now working on it completely, without deviation of failure.

As you have willed it, so shall it be.

Now slowly take your focus off your merkaba, and return to your aura, see the healthy glow all around you, your chakras in tune, your cells turned on to their full potential. You are energized and you are well.

Return now, into your body, into this room, and be ready for LIFE!

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I have been a highly spiritual being for most of this lifetime, but this kicked it up another notch for me. I am not religious by any means and even though I was raised in a Jewish household, I was never exposed to this in a Jewish way. There is an obvious correlation with the Star Of David and the symbolism of the Mer-Ka-Ba, but that is just coincidence to me as it relates to my exposure to either. The term merkaba was never used in my religious classes and was never spoken of in my home or any of my friends homes either. If it was spoken in any Hebrew form I was never aware of it then either.

That being said the following experience is laid out for you:

I have been doing a meditation ritual that I started to do after a near-death experience (I only refer to it this way for the masses, since I do not really believe death happens).

5 years ago, while at the pool, doing my water exercises, the week after my near-death experience (awakening), I started to do this meditation.

I would raise my arms and touch my fingers to form a triangle, it felt as though I was channeling the energy of the universe, it was my intention to create a pyramidal force.

I didn’t chant, I just did deep breathing (in & out) and as I did I would bring my hands down, still connected at the fingers and would reverse the position at my heart and point the triangle downward. I did this many times for about 5 minutes as a break for my exercises, then I would exercise for 20 more minutes.

Prior to my awakening, I had never meditated this way and after the awakening, I just started doing this, no instruction, no articles about anything.

Then the other day I had this really strange feeling and a word I had in my head one morning that I had not heard before, merkaba. I had no idea what this was, so, I looked it up.

Not sure why, but I was compelled to read about this now and this is what I found out.…

Merkabah/Merkavah mysticism (or Chariot mysticism) is a school of early Jewish mysticism, c. 100 BCE – 1000 CE, centered on visions such as those found in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 1, or in the hekhalot (“palaces”) literature, concerning stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God.…

Merkaba is another name for one’s Light Body. Part of full consciousness, when spiritual, astral and physical bodies are integrated. The Merkaba allows self to shrink to baseball size and to travel anywhere, instantly.…

Love can be either Conditional or Unconditional. All 3rd dimensional Love is Conditional. All 4th and higher dimensional level Love is Unconditional.…

It is said that the symbol is composed of two star tetrahedrons, which consists of counter-rotating fields of light and energy that surrounds each person. This energy extends beyond the body. Some believe that even planets have this Merkaba energy field around it.…

I once spent a couple of hours with Credo Mutwa, the spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa. He explained to me that Merkaba (one word) was a Zulu word meaning a space/time/dimension vehicle. He told me that according to Zulu legend his entire tribe had come from another dimension here to Earth using the Merkaba.

It seems as though I created my own Mer-Ka-Ba meditation for me to connect to my spiritual higher power, or I was given this as a gift when I went through my awakening. Either way, it has been a powerful tool for me and the irony involved has not been lost on me.

For 5 years I have been doing this and I can clearly tell a major difference in me when I have done my meditation and days when I have not. On the days I do it, I have a clear headed approach to things and when I do not, my energy is down and my thought process very shallow.

I took it for granted and now I realize the reason for me doing it in the first place was to maintain it not to just do it every other day. I used to attribute my lack of energy on some days to what I ate or how I slept. I eat horrible and I get very little sleep. Yet, the days I do my Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, I feel great, no matter what.

I do make it a point to drink plenty of water, as I have always felt water to be a conduit with the energy of the soul and the connection to the spiritual realm, I felt this way for 25 years. I am just amazed that it took me so much longer to find this other piece to the puzzle in my evolutionary process.

That is how it works though, we get the information we need when we need it and allow for ourselves to be open to receive it.

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