Apocrypha from Judeo-Christianity

 Post by CapstonePendulum at ATS
If you believe that the current bible is the word of God and anything having to do with Judeo-Christianity outside of canon is not worth reading or heretical that is cool. But anyone who just loves anything spiritual and reads everything having to do with Judaism and Christianity I am going to provide some links with enough Apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in addition to early Catholic church writings to keep you busy for a long time.

Apocrypha doesn’t mean fake it means secret or hidden away. Now people think it means uninspired but who is to say what is and isn’t inspired. I think that is a decision one should make for ones self. Nothing wrong with having a set of books called canon and they aren’t hidden anymore. Some are really worth reading and fill in holes of the bible. Others are pretty dull. Some are hard to understand and you need certain knowledge to get the meaning.

I have no doubt some of these books were for the so called elite of the church and are studied by Catholics today as secondary canon. The Catholic bible has 17 extra books and an extra psalm than the protestant and Hebrew. The Book of Enoch and many other thought lost books come from Ethiopia. Qumran Israelites and certainly others considered it a revelation from God through inspired writing.

On the subject of pseudepigrapha that means the author is not Enoch or whoever the stated author is. This is the case with a great deal of biblical texts and scholars are more than aware of this. No reputable scholar thinks Genesis was written by Moses or a revelation from God because Mesopotamia has many similar stories about creation and the flood. Clearly the old myths were given a new spin with a Hebrew flavor. This trend continues throughout the history of religion. So I wouldn’t be worried about who wrote it because it isn’t a problem when the bible stories attribute authorship to a name with authority so it shouldn’t be for the other books.

Here are the links:

Massive library of Apocrypha

Gnosis archive

Sacred Texts


This las one I threw in because it has some insights into biblical interpretation that will help you better understand the deeper meaning of scripture that can’t be gained from literal interpretation.

This last one is a theory about historical persons who were used as inspiration for the new testament and who they were.

Secrets of the Bible

hopefully you enjoy the extra biblical texts that survived despite the best efforts of the Catholic church to destroy history and books that weren’t approved history. And bury them in a huge library that hardly anyone gets access to.

Thank Qumran, Nag Hammadi and Ethiopia and various monasteries.

Additional Sites added by ATS members.
dffrntkndfnml –  The Shepard Of Hermas is one I particularily enjoy.The visions and parables shared in
                              the book are inspiring and the way Hermas inquires shows a kind of innocence that I can relate
      Two more books the: Testament of Solomon

Zohar  – The Zohar is not a demonic book of sorcery. It is simply Hebraic interpretations and insight into the Tanakh. Unfortunately I could only find the Torah portion. I have read it and it explains things like the meaning of the tower of Babel story that no Christian pastor can provide.

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