The Physical Appearance of the Anunnaki.

 Post by ancienthistorian at ATS.
This thread is an open discussion on how the Anunnaki race might have looked like.
Everything I’m about to discuss in this thread will be pure speculation.

Having read alot of Mesopotamian stories from tablets , Its very rare to find a description of the Anunnaki’s physical appearance. However we can find some hints of their appearance by simply looking at what the tablets say about their descendants.

1)We obviously know that the anunnaki were humanoid like us.

2)We also know that they were tall , According to some tablets the demi-god Gilgamesh stood 7ft tall. In the Hebrew bible the giant Goliath was 6ft 9inch tall (2.06 metres). We could imagine the Anunnaki were roughly the same height as modern day basketball players.

3) In the some Sumerian tablets , the Anunnaki refers to humans on earth as “black headed people.”

“An, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag creators of the black-headed people. Founders of Eridu, Bad-tibira, Larsa, Sippar, and Shuruppak.”

We see Sargon of akkad use the same phrase to describe the citizens of Mesopotamia:

“The black-headed peoples I ruled, I governed.Whatsoever king shall be exalted after me, Let him rule, let him govern the black headed people.”

4) In the Epic of Gilgamesh a 4000 year old Sumerian story , The Anunnaki demi-goddess ‘Ninsun’ was described as follow:

“The mother of Gilgamesh was the pale Ninsun,
Herself listed among the goddesses,
A gentle queen,
Who had the gift of prophecy,
And could read dreams.”

Its no suprise that the stories of the Anunnaki spread to other cultures around the world.

Like all myths there are only 3 major types of (alien) races recorded in every culture.

1) You have the benevolent Amphibian/mermaid type race worshiped as Ocean/River gods

2) You have the aggressive Reptilian/serpent type race who were seen as monsters/daemons.

3) Lastly you have the giant human looking/sentient type race who were the patron gods of the human race. (The Anunnaki)

In both Greek & Hindu mythology these races continuously interbreeded with each other producing powerful offspring.
Its worth to note that in all the myths across the world both the Amphibian & Reptilian races lived underground. On some rare occasions they would allow their hybrid offspring to live among them.

Red hair also seems to be a trait that’s closely related to the gods especially the descendants of the Amphibian race , I guess it’s probably a mermaid thing…..

1)According to Homer Achilles was apparently a ginger. His mother who was an Ocean nymph was forcefully raped by a human , which lead to the birth of Achilles.

“Athena came down from heaven (the sky): She stood behind him and held him back by his long red hair. No other man saw her but Achilles alone.” -[Liad 850Bc]

2)Rhesus the mythical king of Thrace was also the son of a river god , He derived his name because of his red hair and is depicted on Greek pottery as having red hair and beard.

3)Thracians who were apparently the descendants of the god Ares had red hair and Blue eyes.

“those of the Thracians have blue eyes and red hair.” – [Xenophanes 543Bc]

4) In Irish mythology there is a mysterious tribe of red haired demi-gods called the Tuatha Dé Danann

The Hindus depicted their gods with blue skin and feminine features (just like the greeks), however later arts changed their skin to pale white to represent upper castes of Northern India , the word “Aryan” means ‘noble’ and was originally used In the Vedic scriptures to describe the descendants of the Hindu gods or those who have royal blood.

Just like the greeks the Hindus use the color of ‘gold’ to describe their gods:

“Indra throws drops of moisture on his golden beard…..the Iron One with yellow beard and yellow hair.” — Rig Veda (1200Bc)

The origin of light skin , eyes, hair.

According to scientists the mutations for light skin (A111T) , light hair (KITLG) and Blue eyes (OCA2) originated between the middle east and the Indian subcontinent (Iran) 8000 years ago (6000Bc). Before that time blue eyes & white skin didn’t exist , The fact that those mutations happened long after the Ice age & far away from cold northern climates raises alot of speculation , The theory that these mutations were caused by natural selection doesn’t hold any credibility. The latest and most probable theory suggests that these mutations came from Neanderthals. However Mutations for blond and red hair ect. havent been found in ancient European samples prior to the Bronze Age.

The genes for light skin ,eyes & hair originated from only 2 paternal (Ydna) markers. The first being haplogroup R1 which is distributed across the entire Eurasian continent & the second is haplogroup I1 which is predominantly found among Nordic people. Scientists originaly thought haplogroup I1 originated in Europe but new studies found that It originated in the middle-east along with haplogroup R1. Countries with the highest population frequency of haplogroup I1 are also the countries with the most tall people in the world.
If the Anunnaki were responsible for these “Aryan” traits then there is definitely evidence to back it up. Alot of people in the UFO community believe In Nordic type aliens that look exactly like us , so maybe there is some truth in all those legends after all.

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