The Secrets of the Eternal Book


by Semion Vinokur

If you have ever wondered about the mystery of life, even
for a moment contemplated the meaning of existence,
or dreamed of finding the “elixir of immortality,” hold tight
to this book; it is for you.
The Secrets of the Eternal Book reveals how to properly read
the Pentateuch, how to break through the outer shells—
the mundane actions of this world that the book seems to
recount—and discover what really stands behind it all.
Let’s start by listing all five books: Genesis, Exodus,
Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Those are the
translated titles in English, while in the original Hebrew
they are Beresheet (In the Beginning), Shemot (Names),
Vayikra (And He Called), Bamidbar (In the Desert),
Devarim (Words).
When you pick up the book and start to read, little do you
know that its content is encrypted. You read and regard the
information as a collection of stories, occasionally stopping
to wonder what all the fuss is about. The Pentateuch is the
The Secrets of the Eternal Book foundation for all of Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam, and cited continuously by sages,
philosophers, writers, and…politicians.
But what is so special about it? Allow me to
reassure you that if you aren’t satisfied with regarding this
book as a historical epic, there is nothing wrong with you. It
is a sign that you’re searching for the hidden meaning; and
if you’re really searching, you will invariably find it.
You bombard knowing, authoritative persons with
your questions, but they are unable to enlighten you. You
read mountains of literature, but cannot seem to find
any answers.
You are searching for the code of this book, trying to
unearth some secret door through which to sneak in and
discover the inner workings of this code. For millennia,
scholars have been trying fruitlessly to solve the mystery of
this code. Yet, they have been trying to solve it with reason,
and this has been their downfall. You cannot crack this code
with reason, so don’t even bother trying.
To reveal the secrets of the Pentateuch, you need only
one “tool”—desire. It is a magical word, and one that we’ll
be coming back to time and time again.
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