UFO’s in European paintings – Did the creators have access to secret knowledge?

Post by SirBlackKnight at ATS.
Many people think that UFO phenomenon started with in the 20th century with famous cases like Roswell and the Foo fighters during world war two.

Since these events took place countless books, movies, comics have popularised the UFO subject. But some of you may know that UFO’s have been a part of mankind’s history for a long time. Between the 14th and the 17th century, artists have portrayed UFO’s in many of their art works.

In most cases, these UFO’s are explained by historian as the depictions of religious events or as celestial bodies like the moon or the sun. But in some cases the UFO’s these artists painted were very different than your standard angel or your standard cloud.

Could it be that some of these artists had done research in the secret library of the Vatican and created these paintings based on the knowledge they had found there? What about the many UFO report from those times where artist were asked by the witnesses to paint what they saw? Can these be explained by mundane events like a moonrise or Venus?

a reply to: SirBlackKnight by seattlerat

Thank you for posting a video covering two of my favorite topics: UFOs & Art

I want to believe that ancient artists had access to secret knowledge, however, I suspect that a large number of these “UFOs” and other odd stuff in old artwork is nothing more than symbolism- using imagery to convey an idea. For example, there is a statue of Moses sculpted by Michelangelo, that depicts the Biblical character as having horns (like a goat). While the reasons for these protuberances from the statue’s head are still being argued by art historians and other scholars, they were most likely meant to convey the idea of rays of holy light being sent to (or from?) the heavens. More Info

Sure, some artists may have heard tales of astronomical events or perhaps even witnessed them firsthand, but until the advent of photography during the industrial age, they had to rely on memories and creativity in order to try and translate the strange sightings to canvas or stone. Few of us (artists) have photographic memories, and using reference material is something that many rely upon when generating imagery.

Still, there are quite a few ancient works of art that are fascinating due to these UFO-like insertions. One of my favorites (the first work covered in the posted video) is “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) – there is no question in my mind that the artist wanted to depict someone witnessing an object flying in the sky!

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