The Psychonaut Field Manual

A post by eisegesis at ATS.
WARNING: This thread is for educational purposes only.
This manual is “theology free” and explains how to “hack” one’s mind. It’s a great introduction for beginners and those interested in esoteric mysticism. It’s written in plain language and the art style is similar to that of Gorillaz co-creator, Jamie Hewlett.

Regardless of your beliefs, DO NOT attempt to practice the more advanced techniques without fully understanding the consequences. Irreversible hallucinations, damage to the nervous system, outright madness and permanent disorder are all VERY REAL dangers.

Attempt at your own risk!!

Low-Res PDF (12 MB): Download with preview
Hi-Res PDF (148 MB): Download without preview

If you wish to interact with the only other intelligent life that we know of, as strange as it all sounds, this guide will show you the basic knowledge required to make contact. So please… stay in your circle, never “let them in,” and always remember to banish!!


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