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Anatoli Bugorski, the Man Who Put His Head Inside a Particle Accelerator — and Survived

  In the ’70s, Russian scientist Anatoli Bugorski was a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics, working with the Soviet particle accelerator known as the Synchrotron U-70. On July 13, 1978, he popped his head into the Synchrotron … Continue reading

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Scientists have built world’s first ‘time machine’ in experiment

  Post by neoholographic at ATS This is very interesting on several levels. First here’s some of the news. Lead researcher Dr Gordey Lesovik said by putting scattered electrons back into their original shape they had effectively created a state … Continue reading

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  Analysis of long-cycles theory   The goal of this thesis is to analyze Kondratieff, N. and Schumpeter, Joseph A. Long-waves. These waves are most noticeable in developed capitalist countries such as U.S., U.K., France and Germany. Therefore, Long-cycles analysis … Continue reading

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Jesuits, Rosicrucions, and Masons, Oh My! Sinister Sites: Sansevero Chapel

A post by FauxMulde at ATS. This one has it all. Adultery, murder, alchemy, castrations, secret societies, real decaying corpses, amazing (almost impossible) marble sculptures, and more. This is the Sansevero Chapel in Italy. Before getting into the chapel itself … Continue reading

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Catchers of Heaven

American scientist Dr Michael Wolf claimed he was a member of the satellite government for over 25 years. He attained a very high ‘Above Top Secret’ clearance level and worked primarily on joint ET/human scientific projects. He died on September … Continue reading

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I met a fully Enlightened “Buddha”. Here’s what he said:

By Dominicus (post on ATS) So what did he have to say? Quite simple. He said no matter the path, it boils down to the 3 Dan Tiens. The 3 energetic gateways to Consciousness, Truth, Enlightenment Upper Dan Tien is … Continue reading

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The Conquistadors encounters with Giants

    After a failed invasion of Northern Florida the Spanish conqueror and explorer Pánfilo de Nárvaez retreated back to port with a ragged bunch of restless men. More than half of his platoon had either been killed by the savage Florida … Continue reading

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